Whiteparish is an attractive small to medium-sized village centred on the A27, in South-East Wilts;
surrounded by farming country and woodland; and near to the border with Hampshire. According to Wiltshire Council, our population in early July 2015 was 1504; and our nearest towns/cities are Romsey, Salisbury, and Southampton. Click here for more about the locality, and here for more about Whiteparish's history.

Nowadays many villagers work in the nearby towns or further afield (commuting to London or to Bristol, for example). However, there are also several local employers within the village; and quite a few one-person businesses. Click here for a list of some local businesses.

We have a church (C of E); a village shop/Post Office; a go-ahead primary school; a flourishing and forward-thinking medical practice; a filling station (at least we used to—it's not currently selling fuel); many village clubs, societies, and organisations; sports clubs; the Memorial Ground (a large recreation ground with a childrens' playground and facilities for tennis, football and cricket); and in one corner of it our new multipurpose Memorial Centre, combining the functions of a sports pavilion and village hall. Last, but definitely not least, there are two pubs!


On a temporary basis, a viewable/downloadable copy of Whiteparish’s monthly village magazine STEEPLE and STREET will be available from this website, starting with the May 2020 issue. For the current issue, click here. (These files are sizeable (typically up to 20 megabytes or more), and may take a while to load if you have a slow internet connection.)

virus.  Not absolutely sure it's the one in question . . .

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The rapid spread of the COVID-19 virus (a new type of coronavirus) in the UK in early spring of 2020, and the government's plans to try to mitigate its effects, inevitably caused a lot of village activities planned for the following few weeks and months to be curtailed, deferred, or cancelled altogether. Hopefully the affected period won't extend to years, but that remains to be seen. In the meantime, we will try to keep a "broad-brush" summary of the main effects here on the website's home page, and in the course of time we will update the website's inner pages (club programmes, etc) as necessary to record detailed changes caused by the virus, which has now been recognised as a global pandemic.

The terms COVID-19 and coronavirus are often used interchangeably in the media, but they are not really the same kind of thing, as these definitions from the New Scientist website explain.

For the latest Government rules and guidance on how we can all help to control the virus, click here.

For guidance from the NHS on how to check if you or your child has coronavirus (Covid-19) symptoms, click here.

Hot off the [electronic] press! Perhaps anticipating a panic-driven shortage of face coverings after publicising its new requirement that anyone visiting a shop should wear one, on 15th July 2020 the Government put new instructions online for making your own face covering! To see them, click here.

In their online "Wiltshire News" pages, Wiltshire Council provide links to various county-level services and sources of information on recommended (and/or compulsory) ways of coping with the threat of Coronavirus/Covid-19.

At the time of writing (20 August 2020) life is beginning in small ways to return to something a little closer to what it used to be (thank goodness), and our local organisations (clubs, committees, sports teams, etc) can look forward to resuming regular meetings and other activities, using local facilities that in some cases have only very recently become available again (albeit with some restrictions). Wiltshire Council have published a useful "toolkit" which aims to assist such groups "return to the community" by providing Things-to-Do lists and links to where further guidance can be found. To see/download the toolkit in pdf format, click here.

Memorial Centre Re-opening: The Memorial Trustees are pleased to announce that we are once again able to take bookings for the Memorial Centre which has now re-opened (subject to completion of certain coronavirus related preparations).

Regular hirers have been advised of the special conditions and restrictions required to minimise risks to health from the coronavirus. Other occasional and new users are invited to contact the Trust to enquire about new bookings (e-mail whiteparish.memorial.booking@hotmail.com). Capacities of both the hall and the Cowesfield Room are currently reduced to allow for social distancing.

The use of the Centre is subject to rules and guidance issued by H.M. Government which will change over time. The Trustees are committed to implementing these rules and guidance to the best of our ability and require hirers to make a similar commitment for the safety of all users. We hope that the situation will gradually allow more normal use of the Centre to resume, but the timing of this is beyond our control and there could also be a reversion to a stricter regime.

Memorial Ground
The recreation ground (Memorial Ground), as a whole remains open subject to the social distancing measures required.

The Children’s Play Area is open but please take special care when using the playground and the play equipment during the Covid-19 period. This play area is not supervised and equipment is not regularly cleaned, so please wipe down surfaces before using and use hand sanitiser frequently. Only one child is allowed on each piece of equipment at any one time. Wash your hands and your children’s hands with soap and water when you get home. Observe all relevant government regulations. Details of social distancing regulations currently in force can be found at https://www.gov.uk

The Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) can be used for TENNIS ONLY and can be booked in 1-hour slots by e-mailing this address: tennisMUGA@gmail.com. Although the MUGA remains open for all villagers to play tennis within the government guidelines, anyone who has made a booking will take precedence.

In line with government regulations on social distancing and exercise, the MUGA is not to be used for football or any other sport (except tennis).

The Skate Park is also open. (For Covid-19 Skateboarding Guidelines, click here.)

Villagers using the Memorial Ground, Children's Play Area, MUGA, and Skatepark should ensure that they, and their children, follow the latest government advice and regulations. More detail can be found at www.gov.uk or via the QR code below:

Please contact the Memorial Trust on
whiteparish.memorial.booking@hotmail.com if you have any questions.

The Whiteparish Memorial Charitable Trust (Registered Charity No. 282528)

Note: At the time of writing (mid-June 2020), the closure of the Memorial Centre, serious restrictions on use of the Memorial Ground, and national restrictions on travel and social distancing have effectively wiped out the activity programmes of most—possibly all—of our village clubs and other organisations. Any activity diaries included in this website for individual village organisations are therefore suspended until further notice.

School Closure

Whiteparish All Saints’ CE Primary School is the only school within Whiteparish itself, and we understand that any new arrangements will be detailed on the school’s own website very soon now. The government advises that although in general all schools will be closed after Friday 20th March 2020 for an indefinite period, the children of certain key categories of workers (such as frontline health and social care providers) may continue to be schooled on school premises so that their parents are able to keep important services running, rather than look after children at home.

For government guidance on personnel who may still be able to send children to school during the pandemic, click here. For the latest news from the school, see the school website (link above).

STOP PRESS: We understand that the school will be open as from Wednesday 3rd June for Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 children, along with the key worker and vulnerable children who have been able to attend all along. That’s good news!

County Library and Leisure Centre Closures

Following government advice and to help stop the transmission of COVID-19, Wiltshire Council has taken the decision to close all its libraries and leisure centres until further notice. Cllr Philip Whitehead, Leader of Wiltshire Council, said: "All Wiltshire Council leisure centres and libraries are closed indefinitely to protect the health of the public and our staff during this time. This includes the leisure centres managed on behalf of the council by Places Leisure." The Mobile Library service will also be suspended until further notice.

For more information, click here.

All Saints’ Church

On the 25th March 2020, it was announced that church services were to be cancelled until further notice. It had been hoped that the church could be kept open during the day, but following advice from the Bishop of Salisbury, Rev Jane Dunlop wrote to church members as follows:

". . . I have put a notice on the Church door that says that the Church has to be closed because of COVID-19. I am very sorry to have to do this, especially at a time when people find much solace in going to Church to pray, when they have to deal with difficult and dark times in their lives. But If you are in need of prayer, please do not hesitate to phone me on 884793 or email me on fjdunlop@hotmail.com."

UPDATE on 13 June 2020: Rev Jane was able to write to church members that " . . . there are green shoots on the horizon. One of these is that the Church can now open for private prayer. We are hoping to open from Monday 15th June and are working towards that by putting in place the required safety measures. The hours you will be able to come into Church to pray are 10am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday and 9am to 6pm on Sunday.  . . .  Funerals are also being allowed to be held in Church, but with limited numbers only. We are still not allowed to hold weddings in Church although there have been indications made that this may be allowed from 4th July along with other services."

UPDATE from Church of England website on 23 June 2020: "Places of worship in England will be allowed to reopen on the 4 July, after the latest easing of lockdown restrictions was announced earlier today.
Churches were previously permitted to open for private prayer, but regular church services will now be allowed, as long as appropriate social distancing measures are applied. Weddings can also take place again, although numbers will be restricted to a maximum of 30."


Churchwarden Jane Legat sends the following news about services in July 2020 (in case you miss the posters that are already in place in the village):

All Saints’ Church is OPEN for WORSHIP on:

July 12th at 9.30am
July 19th at 11am
July 26th at 9.30am

For the text of a letter from Rev Jane setting out the measures that she and the PCC have put in place to make the re-opened church as safe as possible, plus some guidelines, click here.

And for the text of a follow-up letter from Rev Jane looking back on the first service held in All Saints Church for 16 weeks (on the 12th July 2020), click here.

King’s Head and Parish Lantern

We’re delighted to be able to record that after three-plus months of closure due to the Covid-19 lockdown, both of Whiteparish’s lovely pubs will be reopened on the 4th of July. For details of opening hours and any restrictions that will initially be in operation, check their facebook pages.

Local Support During the Coronavirus Crisis

The C19 Support Group is a loosely affiliated group working alongside the Surgery and the Church to coordinate what support we can to others in our community during the coronavirus crisis. It is coordinated by Maria Pennington (Parish Clerk), John Herrett and Mike Hayday (Parish Councillors) and David Guild, with support from Revd. Jane Dunlop, Zoe Clewer, Jane Legat (All Saints' Church) and backed up by many other volunteers.

Maria has been working very closely with Hilary Jenkins at the surgery setting up the prescription distribution for Whiteparish and outlying villages.

Leaflets have been distributed giving contact details for volunteers offering support during the coronavirus crisis. The e-mail address of the group is whiteparishC19@yahoo.com: any requests for assistance may be sent to this address and will be assigned to an appropriate supporter.

The Supporting Each Other leaflet. This useful leaflet (full title: Supporting Each Other in Whiteparish through the Coronavirus Crisis) can be viewed, downloaded, or printed via the above link. It provides contact information, web addresses, etc for a host of local services or sources of help for getting through these trying times. We suggest you keep it somewhere where you can easily refer to it.

Another useful document, which can be viewed, downloaded, or printed via the following liink, is Safer and Supportive Salisbury, which is put together by a local (Salisbury-based) networking group who aim to "deliver small practical projects that make a positive difference". It, too, provides contact information, web addresses, etc for a host of local services or sources of help, not just within Salisbury but also much further afield.



At frequent but irregular intervals, usually once or twice a week, Wiltshire Council distributes an email bulletin titled "Wiltshire News", and subtitled "COVID-19", containing the council’s latest news and advice on coronavirus (COVID-19), as well as some more general material on other subjects. For the benefit of households or individuals who don’t already receive these bulletins, the following links will display recent bulletins which have been released from 25th March 2020 onwards (in newest-first order). If getting info about these and related topics regularly would be useful to you, you can subscribe directly via a link towards the top of any of the e-bulletins.

For each of the links listed below, we’ve summarised those items in the referenced e-bulletin that deal in any way with Coronavirus/Covid-19. (And a few that don’t.)

NOTE: There seems to be a coding error in the WILTSHIRE NEWS e-bulletins, especially if you view it in your browser. At the top of the e-bulletin you may see a link with which to display a list of links to past issues. But if you click on it, the displayed list doesn’t contain links to issues of WILTSHIRE NEWS, as you would expect, but to a similar series of e-bulletins—also prepared by Wiltshire Council but aimed specifically at businesses, and titled BUSINESS NEWS. We’ve submitted a comment pointing out this problem.
22 October 2020: Summarises Halloween-themed events and activities around this time of year with a special emphasis on safety, both generally and with respect to COVID-19. Topics covered include: Stay Safe This Halloween; Things to do This Halloween; Dressing Up to Scare, [but] Know What To Wear; And Local Activities—including "Spooky Old Sarum", 24 October to 1 November (tickets for this must be booked in advance, which you can do online).

16 October 2020: Local alert level for Wiltshire is currently "medium" (Tier 1), with brief explanation of the restrictions that apply and link to more detail—also, additional guidance for those deemed clinically extremely vulnerable; Summary of HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s visit to Wiltshire Council, with video clip and link to further details; Scheme for £500 lump sum payment to financially support eligible people on a low income who have to self-isolate; More Wiltshire libraries reopening— Pewsey (27 October), Wilton (29 October), Mere (30 October, Cricklade (3 November), Downton (6 November), with COVID-19-related details that will apply; Also, Mobile Library Service is back on the road as from 20 October, with list of applicable COVID-related rules; Free permits now available to allow some vehicles (with Blue Badged owners) to enter Salisbury's Low Traffic Zone under the "People-Friendly Salisbury" scheme; Link for information about autumn half-term listings for holiday childcare and activities for 5-12 year olds; Salisbury’s City Hall to remain closed until "the industry is on a surer footing";Over 60 new courses have been added to The Skills Toolkit; Link for downloading the NHS COVID-19 App.

9 October 2020: Self-isolation—you could be entitled to COVID-19 Test and Trace support payment scheme; Tidworth Library providing order and collect service; Five steps to wellbeing – how to improve mental wellbeing on World Mental Health Day; New Wiltshire Health Improvement Hub; Eligibility for a free flu vaccination; Unlock opportunities with free courses from "The Skills Toolkit"; Link for downloading the NHS COVID-19 App.

2 October 2020: More about the NHS COVID-19 App—14 million downloads already, with links to video on how the process works; Financial assistance for people who have to self-isolate; Changes to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme; Eligibility for free flu vaccinations; Black History Month onlineconference (Tuesday 20 October); Have you considered fostering as a career?; "Stoptober" campaign to help people to give up smoking; Reminder about Green Homes Grants.

24 September 2020: NHS COVID-19 App launched, with links to how the process works and detailed guide with FAQs; 10pm curfew for pubs and other hospitality venues; Update on face coverings, with link to other new government measures; Reminder about regional campaign to encourage people to foster with their council (Wiltshire hopes to recruit 100 foster carers over three years); Guide for parents and carers about what to do if you think your child may have COVID-19 symptoms; Reminder, with more details, about the Hands, Face, and Space campaign.

18 September 2020: NHS COVID-19 App to be launched on 24 September, link to help with downloading it; MyWilts online reporting system to go online on Tuesday 22 September, for reporting issues like abandoned vehicles, weather emergencies, dog mess, etc, includes link to video overview of system features; Reminder about availability of Green Homes Grant Scheme for help with energy-saving costs; Reminder about regional campaign to encourage people to foster with their council (Wiltshire hopes to recruit 100 foster carers over three years); Guide for parents and carers about what to do if you think your child may have COVID-19 symptoms; Reminder: Protect yourself and others during the pandemic by attention to Hands, Face, and Space.

11 September 2020: New "Rule of 6" law for social gatherings, with link to full details; More Wiltshire libraries to open, providing an order and collect service: Amesbury, Bradford on Avon, Calne and Marlborough from 14 Sept, Royal Wootton Bassett, Westbury and Melksham from 21 Sept, Malmesbury from 28 September (with links to more information on the re-openings, and a video on the libraries order and collect service; Admissions window now open for primary and secondary school places, with link for more information and deadlines; Wiltshire helps launch regional campaign to encourage people to foster with their council (Wiltshire hopes to recruit 100 foster carers over three years); Kickstart Scheme now open for applications; Community Governance Review recommendations for changes to some town and parish boundaries, and governance arrangements, agreed by full county council on 9 September; Protect yourself and others during the pandemic by attention to Hands, Face, and Space.

4 September 2020: Advice for those travelling abroad to check the list of travel corridors and to check the need for self-isolation on your return (with links) before finalising travel plans; Some warnings about acess to Covid-19 testing; Advice on car sharing (again); As Wilts Council launch a programme to bring more services online, you may need to reset your password for accessing HRC bookings; Validity of driving licences due to expire between 1 Feb and 31 December 2020 will be extended by 11 months; Homeowners and landlords can now apply for the government’s "Green Homes Grant" to cover up to two-thirds of the cost of insulation and double glazing, with link to the detail of what improvements are covered; Government launches consultation on pavement parking; Reminder to take our litter home.

28 August 2020: Advice for families on school transport as back-to-school preparations begin, with links to downloadable booklet and info on school transport; Advice on car sharing to and from school and work; "Normal" time restrictions for concessionary bus passes return from 1 September; More about the redesigned Wilts Council website; Independent retailers, cafes and restaurant and other businesses across Devizes to take part in "indieDAY" on Saturday 5 September to promote and boost the town post-covid; Telephone numbers that between them are available 24/7 if you’re affected by domestic abuse; How working parents could save up to £2,000 per child per year towards after-school clubs and other childcare services, with links to Childcare Choices website and Childcare Calculator; Reminder to follow tough new guidance on social distancing, illegal raves, and illegal gatherings generally; The council reports that despite challenges still ahead, the COVID-19 overspend is now expected to be considerably less than early estimated, with links to further info and a full report; Salisbury District Hospital is working hard to get back to providing its regular services, following the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak; And finally a reminder to take our litter home . . .

21 August 2020: More libraries (Corsham, Devizes, and Warminster) to re-open in week beginning 24 August; Wilts and Swindon History Centre to re-open on 25 August; Support for students re their GCSE results; Back to School booklet with tips for parents, also info about school transport; Updated design coming for Wiltshire Council website; More about "People-Friendly Salisbury" survey; Child Trust Funds—first teenagers to get access to their money—note that some teenagers may not know they have a fund; Getting help applying for Universal Credit; Respect those who can’t wear a face covering.

13 August 2020: A-level results day; Shop Local Week; VJ Day; Advice on car sharing (basically, avoid if possible, but with guidelines for when you can’t); Reminder about renewing your garden waste collection; New maternity app launched by Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust; Temporary closure of A245 and nearby minor roads in villages between Upavon and Durrington for tree felling; Reminder—if you’re feeling unwell, get [Covid] tested.

5 August 2020: more information about the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, now that it’s been launched; Vital business grants funding closes soon—apply by 24 August 2020; Downloadable "Please give me [social distancing] space" ] badges; Remnder about feedback needed by Thursday 13th August re Salisbury’s "People Friendly" project; Museums in Wiltshire are re-opening; Reminder fromm the Department of Transport that mandatory MOT tests were reintroduced from 1st August 2020; Supporting your recovery after COVID-19; Another heatwave expected; Reminder—if you’re feeling unwell, get [Covid] tested.

30 July 2020: Eat Out to Help Out (eat out at a discount, with participating restaurant finder); Salisbury, Chippenham, and Trowbridge libraries to re-open as from 3 August; Also Leisure Centres, including Salisbury (Five Rivers) and Corsham, to re-open as from 3 August—others scheduled for phased re-opening later; Updated HM Government guidance on using public transport (including compulsory facemasks; Feedback requested on Salisbury’s People Friendly project; Bikeability programme needs vanues and instructors; Better Health campaign from Public Health England, with link to full details; NHS notice reminding us to self-isolate if alerted via Test and Trace system

23 July 2020: (Update to item in previous e-bulletin) Face masks and coverings to be compulsory in England’s shops AS FROM THE 24th JULY, with links to guidance on making and wearing face coverings; Please contact your local GP if you feel unwell (but first contact should always be made by telephone); Back on the road—advice for those returning to driving, or increasing their driving, following a period off the road; Free interactive "webinars" for job seekers during July and August; Support for people using prepayment gas and electricity meters.

15 July 2020: Face masks and coverings to be compulsory in England's shops, with links to guidance on making and wearing face coverings; Disposing of face coverings and PPE; How to get tested for coronavirus; Young people encouraged to use Early Mental Health and Counselling Support Service; Leisure services update; Update on carbon reduction progress; Melksham Community Campus timeline revised.

9 July 2020: Government plan to help Britain bounce back; Summer holiday activities for five- to 12-year-olds; Annual canvass exercise to check who is eligible to register to vote; Council tax reminder letters; End of consultation period on Community Governance Review; Latest shielding guidance for children; Local hospitals urge patients to attend outpatient appointments; Council still faces financial challenges despite government funding announcement; Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub contact details and further information.

1 July 2020: Dismissal of misleading media reports of new Covid-19 cases in the county; Update on Pillar 2 testing from county Director of Public Health; Your views sought on plans to reopen county library services safely; Terence Herbert appointed Chief Executive of Wiltshire Council; Pubs and other businesses to reopen from Saturday 4 July, with link to further information; Also from 4 July, marriages and civil partnerships of more than 30 people will be permitted but only in certain public places as set out in law; Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub hours have changed; Reminder about renewing or signing up for garden waste collections (existing subscriptions will have expired on 30 June).

24 June 2020: Lockdown changes—what you can and can’t do after 4th of July; Important changes to shielding guidance from 6th July; Public Health England’s guidance on staying safe in the heat, for people shielding and vulnerable groups; Update on grant schemes for local businesses; Link to information about the Countryside Climate Network; Time to renew or sign up for garden waste collections (existing subscriptions expire on 30 June); For EU citizens living in the UK—information about applying to the EU Settlement Scheme to protect your rights (if applicable); Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub contact details and further information.

19 June 2020: Reminder about new Discretionary Grant Scheme, only a few days left now for applications from small and micro businesses, with links to guidance, FAQs, and application form; Stonehenge and Avebury remining closed for summer solstice; Registration service has re-commenced face-to-face appointments for registering births, and can now arrange notices of marriage or civil partnerships again; Council tax payments resume for those who deferred; online fostering Q&A session on 23 June; Domestic abuse out of hours helpline; Child Employment Permits now required again as lockdown eases; Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub contact details and further information.

12 June 2020: "Support bubbles" for single adult households; non-essential shops can re-open as from 15 June; face covering must be worn on public transport from 15 June, including guidance on how to wear and make them; quarantine rules for when you travel to the UK; registering births and notices of marriage; shared lives carers hold virtual tea parties; reminder about online booking for HRC visits.

09 June 2020: Stay alert to keep the "R" metric down; new Discretionary Grant Scheme now open for applications from small and micro businesses, with links to guidance, FAQs, and application form; Young Work Wiltshire for 16- and 17-year-olds; Carer Support Wiltshire gears up for Carers Week; reminders about handwashing and safe-distancing; new £33m investment in special schools.

05 June 2020: More about the online booking system for HRC visits; NHS Test and Trace Service; more about the new rules for meeting up with (now up to six) friends and family outdoors, with link to updated FAQs; "Silly Squad" summer reading challenge; National Volunteers Week; looking after your mental health; how to access NHS services online; support for lonely people.

02 June 2020: New online booking system for HRC visits; booklet to help families prepare for return to school; new rules for meeting up with (now up to six) friends and family outdoors; people shielding can now spend time outdoors, with some restrictions; coronavirus drive-through testing site in Salisbury open from 30 May; revised opening times for Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub from 6 June.

29 May 2020: NHS and key care workers will continue to be exempt from parking charges; warning re extreme risk of wildfires during the coming weekend; WILTS COUNCIL-RUN markets open next week with full range of products (Note: Salisbury may differ); guidance on coping in the heat.

28 May 2020: Staying alert and safe; how NHS test and trace works; reintroduction of parking charges; HRCs update: information and FAQs; Retail stores and shops set to reopen next month; Social distancing guidance for young people; downloadable Active at Home booklet now available for older adults; 3000 hnd sanitisers being donated for local schools; timings to change at pedestrian crossings; First reward paid under "We’re Targeting Flytipping" (WTF) campaign.

22 May 2020: Staying alert and safe; how to wear and make a cloth face covering; safe disposal of your PPE; enjoy what's on your doorstep; HRC information and FAQs; Pick for Britain campaign; SlowDownSaveLives campaign (keep to speed limits); Safe Working webinars; Eid—reminder that distancing rules still apply; domestic abuse—new out-of-hours helpline.

19 May 2020: Latest info about household recycling; take a fresh look at fostering, with details of a webinar; young people share wellbeing tips; Five steps to mental wellbeing (this being Mental Awareness Week); support food banks at your local supermarket; updated advice about coronavirus symptoms, with link to book a test; old CDs and DVDs wanted for art project.

15 May 2020: More about household recycling, warning they will be very busy in initial phase of re-opening (as from 18 May), and more detailed guidance on initially acceptable materials; link to govt guidance on staying safe outside the home; coronavirus FAQs; sharing your lockdown experiences; link for latest COVID-19 Community Pack; grasscutting to resume.

12 May 2020 (first update since the "Stay Alert" change of policy): Government guidance on staying safe outside the home; Coronavirus FAQs; confirmation of HRCs re-opening from 18 May; preparatory guidance from government about wider opening of schools; information about Foster Care Fortnight and fostering in Wiltshire generally; impact of Covid-19 on county council finances.

7 May 2020: Topics that may be of most interest are: Community Group Directory and Volunteer Group Information Pack; online active communities resources; free online volunteer wellbeing training; bereavement advice and support; COVID-19 testing for keyworkers and volunteers; free black and white leaflet printing available for community groups; help for struggling farmers; guidance for supporting people with dementia, during coronavirus.

6 May 2020: Status of Wilts Household Recycling Centres; VE Day message from Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire on behalf of HM The Queen; Changed opening times at Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub on Fri 8 May due to Bank Holiday; Further top-up funding available to support small businesses nationally; "Coronavirus Bounce Back Loan Scheme" for small businesses launched; Self-employment Income Support Scheme to open on Wednesday 13 May.

1 May 2020: Pack available re celebrating VE Day at home, while social distancing still in place; letter of thanks to 400+ volunteer groups supporting communities during COVID-19; Council and Wilts Police campaign against fly-tippers; reminder about appeal for volunteers to serve on the Council’s Independent (education) Appeals Panel; info about how leisure, library, heritage, and arts services continue to support Wilts residents despite the current crisis obliging the associated buildings to be closed; "Create to Connect" campaign providing downloadable activity packs during May.

28 April 2020: Virtual tour of Salisbury Cathedral, on its 800th birthday; "At home party toolkit" with advice on celebrating VE day at home; message from HM Lord-Lieutenant of Wiltshire; appeal for volunteers to serve on the Council’s Independent (education) Appeals Panel; how Council staff are being redeployed to key roles in response to Covid-19; how Wiltshire Council were able to help Bath’s Royal United Hospital over a shortage of PPE equipment; downloadable posters for self-isolating householders and the #InItTogether campaign already mentioned.

24 April 2020: #InItTogether campaign about respecting key workers; appeal to shope and businesses for donations of bedlinen to help with short supplies; another reminder to businesses not to miss out on business grants; "Ask the athlete" videos launched by the sports development team; advice for Muslim communities about the need to stay and comply with distancing rules during Ramadan; a letter of thanks to unpaid carers; a new helpline for children and young people during the Coronavirus outbreak.

21 April 2020: BBC Bitesize sessions for children; the Take Extra Care initiative to keep roads safe and protect the NHS; info about the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme and the COVID-19 Business Grant Scheme (apparently about 3.000 eligible businesses have not applied for the grant yet); links to translated government coronavirus guidance about self-isolation and social distancing in Arabic, French, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish and Welsh; arrangements in supermarkets and other food providers to support the elderly, the vulnerable, and volunteers; RSPCA advice on caring for pets when social distancing or staying at home.

17 April 2020: Reminder about the availability of the Wellbeing hub, with links, support number, and stats; a thank-you letter to care providers; info about "Walkie Talkie", an initiative from the council sports development team to help walking-group members communicate; availability of activity packs aimed at specific audisnces; launch of Public Health England’s "Looking Out for Each Other" campaign; RSPCA posters to help arrange for pets to be looked after in an emergency; NHS "One You" service to help you keep to sensible drinking limits.

16 April 2020: Reminder that despite current difficulties with waste disposal, flytipping will still not be tolerated; an update about the business government grant scheme; encouragement to "Quit (smoking) for COVID"; an update about the Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub; assurance that the county’s domestic abuse services are still available; two items to help with keeping fit while isolated at home, and "rhyme time sessions" for children, being run in our libraries.

12 April 2020: An online Easter card from Wilts Council, this edition of Wiltshire News seems to contain mostly republished items, articles, and links from the previous several issues, though some links may be to new or updated material.

10 April 2020: New Active Communities resources; Easter Egg hunts you can help create; the Young Ambassadors Easter Festival Takeover running between the 6th and 19th April; keeping fit and healthy at home; more tips on taking care of your mental health; and a challenge from the Fire and Rescue Service: Can you be a C19 Superhero?!.

9 April 2020: How Wiltshire’s beauty spots aren’t going anywhere (!); waste collections over Easter; elections and referendums in Wilts postponed by COVID-19; helping our waste and recycling teams by not disposing of items in the wrong bins, and the need to store large items until the recycling centre is back in action; tips on taking care of your mental health; and a poster about staying home this bank holiday weekend.

6 April 2020: contains advice to Wiltshire businesses on applying for grants and business rates payment deferments.

2 April 2020: contains articles on Business Advice; the newly-set-up Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub, with advice to beware of misinformation, and busting myths about coronavirus; availability of a Covid-19 Volunteer Pack; a new GOV UK coronavirus information service on WhatsApp; and some notes about coronavirus and food markets.

25 March 2020: A Coronavirus Community Toolkit; staying home and away from others; face-to-face services at Council hubs; closure of all household recycling centres (HRCs); and notifications about the closure of all Wiltshire play areas and outdoor gyms.

In addition to the "WILTSHIRE NEWS" ebulletins summarised above, Wiltshire Council distribute a similar series of ebulletins aimed specifically at keeping Wiltshire businesses informed about the effects and considerations that must be borne in mind concerning Coronavirus/COVID-19 in the business sphere, and services that the council can offer to help businesses though these difficult times.

If you want to be on the mailing list for these business-oriented e-bulletins, with the latest news and advice for Wiltshire businesses on COVID-19, click here.

And it seems that the answer is "No", (or not for the time being, at least). According to Councillor Philip Whitehead, Leader of Wiltshire Council, as reported in the Salisbury Journal, the council "don’t see any evidence to suggest that we need them. All the people in Wiltshire have been very good at social distancing, shops and businesses have been excellent so we can’t see the need for Covid marshals."

He went on: "However, I do understand that in Birmingham or Leeds they might well want Covid marshals, given the amount of people they have.” If marshals became necessary in the future, Cllr Whitehead said, "I would want to know who’s paying for it".

[Currently, marshals have no powers to enforce Covid-19 regulations or issue fines to rulebreakers.]


Some Whiteparish residents, particularly if they are relative newcomers to the village, may not be aware of a link between our village and viruses of the coronavirus class, one of which is responsible for the infectious illness COVID-19 (the name comes from COronaVIrusDisease) which is causing so much havoc around the world at present. That link is via the distinguished medical research scientist: virologist Dr David Tyrrell, who lived in our village (with his wife Dr Moyra Tyrrell) from 1981 until his death in 2005.

For many years Dr David Tyrrell ran the Common Cold Unit (CCU) at Harnham Down, west of Salisbury, where he and his colleagues investigated the causes and many other aspects of the common cold, establishing that there was no single cause, and that the multitude of causes that could be responsible for any instance of a cold were all (or mostly) viruses.

In the course of some of his investigations, Dr Tyrrell collaborated with distinguished electron microscopist Dr Joan Almeida, and the two of them are generally credited jointly with first identifying and photographing the coronavirus class of viruses, so named because of the crown-like appendages around their periphery. And one of which eventually turned up as the cause of COVID-19.

While leafing through some old copies of STEEPLE and STREET recently I came across the July 2005 issue containing Dr Tyrrell’s obituary, and have included it in the website in case it’s of interest in our current circumstances.


The most recent month’s 100+ Club draw results are available here.


Don’t forget to put back any clocks and watches that are not self-adjusting by one hour this weekend. Practically speaking, for most of us that will be at bedtime on the night of Saturday 24th October, but if you’re a stickler for getting this kind of thing right, it’s technically supposed to happen at 2.00 a.m. on the 25th (the last Sunday in October).

As part of Wiltshire Council’s programme of restoring services (where possible) that had to be suspended following the start of the COVID-19 emergency, the Mobile Library Service will resume visits to Whiteparish as from Saturday 24th October 2020. This does not mean that we’re out of the woods as far as the virus is concerned (in fact at the time of writing infections seem to be increasing again), but the library service have put protocols in place regarding distancing etc to protect customers and staff. To quote Cllr Ian Pilling, Wiltshire Council Cabinet Member for Libraries:

"Our libraries team has worked incredibly hard and in partnership with our volunteers to get the next set of libraries in Wiltshire reopen and get our much loved mobile library service back up and running.

Our library service has adapted so well throughout the pandemic and it's great to see people continually embrace what we've been able to offer. It's good to see the mobiles back on the road again, serving the rural areas of Wiltshire and the most vulnerable."

More details can be found at this link.

Congratulations to Whiteparish’s Ben Fisher who recently joined the ranks of England’s first-class cricketers by taking part in this year’s Varsity match between Oxford and Cambridge universities, becoming an Oxford blue in the process. Currently a member of Calmore Sports Club, Ben had previously played for Whiteparish and South Wilts before going up to study biochemistry at Magdalen College, where he is now in his second year.

The team at Whiteparish Surgery and the Whiteparish C19 support group coordinators would like to express their thanks to all of the volunteers who came forward and delivered medicines to higher risk patients in Whiteparish during the COVID 19 lockdown. Over 30 volunteers came forward and in all 146 deliveries were made to 29 patients on 49 separate days. So a very good job by all concerned.

Going forward, for any patients who need help there will be alternative arrangements available via the national NHS Volunteer service. NHS volunteers website is https://volunteering.royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk/nhs-volunteer-responders and the phone number is 0808 196 3646. If in any difficulties, contact the surgery.

Wiltshire Council has distributed a press release outlining its initial designs for what they describe as "the exciting and ambitious People Friendly Salisbury project . . . [which] . . . will help to transform the city of Salisbury, making it a more attractive place to visit, shop and work; and improving air quality.".

Due to problems we won’t bore you with, this information unfortunately didn’t find its way on to the website until after the day when the council required any comments to be submitted, so it's now too late to send in initial reactions to the initial designs. However, the project has been well publicised in other local media, and perhaps there might be further opportunities to comment on it in the future. To find out more about the project, including FAQs, click here.

You may have caught this striking news item on local radio or other medis recently. According to claims statistics by county published by the NFU Mutual Insurance company in their Rural Crime Report 2020 titled "A Challenging Time for the Countryside," Wiltshire had the second biggest increase (102%) in rural crimes in 2019, compared with the previous year. Nationwide, " . . . for the second year running the sharp rise was driven by thefts of high-value tractors, quad bikes and other farm vehicles. Livestock theft also increased in 2019, with organised gangs taking large numbers of sheep, which are thought to be entering the food chain illegally."

To see the rest of the report, click here. (Of course there are other insurance companies, and mention of NFU Mutual here does not imply any endorsement.)

Of course, most of Whiteparish is within walking distance of the New Forest, and many of us know (or might claim to know) most of these "dos" and "don’ts" for when we go onto forest land. But here’s a handy reminder, which could also be useful to visitors.

Family and Community Learning is part of the workwiltshire initiative, and offers learners of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to gain a new skill, reconnect with learning, prepare to progress to formal courses, or learn how to support their children better, via long term, planned programmes with clear progression pathways. Courses can lead to qualifications, employability skills, jobs and volunteering. For more information, click here.

The Rural Community Energy Fund (RCEF) provides non-capital grant funding to help community organisations with the development of a renewable energy project. It is open to a wide range of community organisations, and the final round of funding has a deadline for applications of 14th September 2020. For more information, click here.

Neighbourhood Watch are currently publicising their new "Safety in Neighbours" campaign aimed at helping prevent burglaries this summer. For more information, including free resources to use and share, click here.

According to a NeighbourhoodAlert message there has been a recent outbreak of attempted thefts of catalytic converters in Salisbury and surrounding areas, including Redlynch. The thieves seem to have concentrated on converters from Honda’s Jazz model, though other makes and models have been attacked. For police advice on protecting vehicles against this kind of crime, click here.

Highways England have notified the Parish Council of the following works, which will cause A36 traffic to be diverted onto the A27 (and through Whiteparish) on the dates and times specified below.

"We will be repairing and upgrading drainage on the A36 between Romsey Road roundabout and Shelley Lane, to improve capacity for increased annual rainfall. In order to carry out the works safely we will close the road in both directions between these points. Works will take place overnight when traffic flows are at their lowest. Please accept our apologies in advance for any disruption this may cause.
Start: 27 July 2020
End: 15 August 2020
Hours of work: 8pm to 6am, Monday to Friday.

Traffic Management
The A36 will be closed in both directions between Romsey Road roundabout and Shelley Lane. A signed diversion will be in place via the A3090 Romsey Road, with motorists following the A27 to Brickworth Road, where they will re-join the A36. Please note, Shelley Lane to Brickworth Road will remain open for access to local traffic.

We’ll make every effort to ensure the impact on motorists and the local community is kept to a minimum. We always aim to work to the programme; however unforeseen circumstances or adverse weather may mean changes to it. We’ll keep you updated of changes in the programme via advance roadside warning signs. For up-to-date information on all our closures, please follow us on Twitter at @HighwaysSWEST If you have any questions or comments about the work, or would like further information, please contact Highways England Customer Contact Centre (open 24/7) on 0300 123 5000 or by email at: info@highwaysengland.co.uk"

With the traditional holiday period now under way, a Community Messsaging alert from Wiltshire Police reminds us to be vigilant about any suspicious activities near or around properties whose owners may be away; also to let the police know about anybody who may be vulnerable to radicalisation.

To read the whole of quite a lengthy alert notice, click here.

According to ActionFraud/NeighbourhoodAlert, almost 34% of all retail sales during May 2020 were carried out online, and new research suggests that only 16% of UK consumers intend to return to their old shopping habits post-lockdown. ActionFraud received over 16,000 reports relating to online shopping and auction fraud during the lockdown [presumably also up to the end of May?], only to have the items never arrive. with losses totalling over £16m.

Choosing where to shop: If you’re making a purchase from a company or seller you don’t know and trust, carry out some research first. For example, by checking to see if others have used the site and what their experience was.
Email accounts: Use a strong, separate password for your email account. Criminals can use your email to access other online accounts, such as those you use for online shopping.
Scam messages: Some of the emails or texts you receive about amazing offers may contain links to fake websites. Not all links are bad, but if you’re unsure don’t use the link, go separately to the website. And remember, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.
Payment method: If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, use a credit card if you have one as other payment providers may not provide the same protection.

What to do if you’ve fallen victim to online shopping fraud
We all make mistakes, and these days the scams can be incredibly convincing. If you think you’ve visited, or made a purchase on, a bogus website, you should, first, take a note of the website’s address, then close down your internet browser. You should then report the details to Action Fraud and contact your bank to seek advice.

Whether you’ve been a victim of fraud will depend on how much information you’ve provided to the website, so keep an eye on your bank transactions, if you can. Contact your bank immediately about anything that you don’t recognise, even small amounts.

For more information about how to stay safe online, please visit www.actionfraud.police.uk/cybercrime

The Trustees of Whiteparish Memorial Trust would like to pay tribute to Chris Moore who has tirelessly worked during the COVID-19 lockdown to remove litter from the Memorial Ground.

In the weeks since the June relaxation of the lockdown regulations, we have seen increasing amounts of litter around the Grounds, especially in the Skatepark and in the recently reopened children’s play area. Chris has removed an astonishing 18 bags of litter, beer bottles and broken glass from the grounds.

We appeal to those who use and enjoy the grounds to PLEASE take their rubbish away with them. This will help ensure everyone’s safety and not detract from the pleasant environment that Chris works so hard to maintain. Thank you again, Chris.

The Trustees of the Whiteparish Memorial Trust

CARER SUPPORT WILTSHIRE Seeks Fundraisers and Donors.
Carer Support Wiltshire, the charity that supports unpaid carers in Wiltshire, has launched a ‘Time for Carers Appeal’ to raise money that will allow carers to take a break. Carers often struggle to find time for themselves; for hobbies and to socialise with others. They may not be able to leave the person they look after on their own at home, or they feel guilty taking time to enjoy themselves. Many have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic as the closure of day centres and other groups have meant they are caring more than ever, in more difficult circumstances with little or no support.

Research shows that 40% of carers haven’t taken a day off from their caring role in over a year. Yet taking regular breaks has been shown to be the most effective way to reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation and promote good mental health. Previous appeals have enabled all sorts of breaks, by providing cinema memberships, climbing sessions, spa days and counselling sessions. It has also been used to pay for respite care.

So Carer Support Wiltshire are looking for individuals, businesses and local groups to help to raise funds for the appeal or to donate. For more information, click here.

Carer Support Wiltshire logo

You’re probably familiar with some of the ways in which fraudsters approach and attempt to lure in their victims, such as emails, texts, phone calls, letters and traditional doorstep scams. But did you know that social media is also a favourite place for scammers? With billions of people using social media every day and the trust many place in the platform and in fellow users, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. Plus, at the moment, most of us have a lot on our minds; so it could be easy to drop our guard.

For some recent advice from Neighbourhoodalert on precautions to take and things to avoid, click here.


Your local Link Scheme needs you! Demand for the service is growing and we urgently need new volunteers to support the service. Your mileage will be paid. If you could spare some time, or for more information, please contact us on 01380 722241; or email linkproject@communityfirst.org.uk.

If anyone would like to find out more about Neighbourhood Watch, and see a sample issue of their "Our News" e-newsletter (this one is for July 2020), click here.

Wiltshire Council is seeking the views of residents and library users to help with its planning for reopening library services safely in the county during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wiltshire Library Services were temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic on 20 March 2020. The existing eBooks, eMagazines and eAudio service continued providing access to reading material, and on 27 March a new service launched via Facebook offering rhyme times, tea and chat, bedtime stories and online book groups. At the start of June, a Home Library service was launched, serving library members shielding and without digital access to download books; this service is currently used by approximately 100 people. The online library content produced since lockdown has so far generated more than 83,000 views.

To make sure the library services they provide meet the needs of people safely and are as innovative in their delivery as possible, the council would like to hear the ideas and feedback from the public on how to reopen the services . . .

To read in full the Council's press release on this subject, click here.

A new service has been launched that aims to support 16- and 17-year-olds who are not in education, employment or training (NEET).

Three dedicated Education, Employment Advisers will be getting alongside our young people to help them access opportunities to help them towards successful working lives. These young people may face multiple barriers preventing them from participating in EET and need a different type of support. For some young people support is provided by other Local Authority Teams, specifically the SEND service for young people with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and those working with the Youth Offending Team (YOT).

Young Work Wiltshire can provide one-to-one support for young people who need help to find the right opportunity for them. This is currently provided over the phone and online, but eventually we hope to do some face-to-face/outreach support.

This support includes:

  • Engaging a young person in understanding the provision available.
  • Finding and applying for a suitable education or training course.
  • Finding and applying for an apprenticeship.
  • Support in transitioning to the new opportunity.
  • Tracking & reducing the number of young people without a known post-16 destination.

For more information about the aims of Young Work Wiltshire, click here. For a downloadable poster/flyer, click here. For a "Hot Opportunites" e-Bulletin introducing the Young Work Wiltshire team and other useful information and links, click here.

You can also contact the team by:
Phone: 01225 716890
Email: workwilts@wiltshire.gov.uk

Young people can register by completing an online form on the website

Well it’s nice to write about something other than coronavirus for a change! You might have seen a recent episode of BBC’s Springwatch programme where Chris Packham opened the show by wandering about holding an impressively large male stag beetle. May/June/July is the season when we are most likely to see them, typically from late afternoon to dusk. If you’re lucky, you might see one in flight, when they can look a bit out of control. But as Chris P emphasised, these magnificent beasties are quite harmless. The "antlers" from which they get their name (though they are actually modified mandibles) are used by the males mostly for wrestling with other males and presumably to impress lady stag beetles.

The photo is of a male resting on our coalshed wall in 2008 (females have much smaller antlers). After that we had no more sightings until this year (2020), when apart from seeing one or two in flight, we also keep finding odd bits of stag beetle (mostly heads and thoraxes) on the lawn, presumably left over from stag-beetle suppers that had been enjoyed by maybe a fox or a magpie. Other stag-beetle predators mentioned on the web include mice, hedgehogs, badgers, and shrews.

Stag beetles are a "priority species" in the UK, listed in Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, with population density varying across the country. Whiteparish is on the front line between a relatively dense population in Hampshire with 1362 sightings recorded in a 2018 survey (thanks largely to the New Forest, where there is plenty of rotting wood for the beetle larvae to feed on); and Wiltshire (with different terrain, and just 9 sightings in the same survey). For more information about the survey, and stag beetles in general, without getting too deeply into the entomology, click here.

If Covid-19 has kept you off the road recently and you’re going to need to resume driving (or driving further) soon, Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue’s "Back on the road" leaflet may be just what you need. As its introduction says:

"If you’ve been working from home with the odd trip to the shops or to care for a vulnerable loved one, the chances are you may feel a little nervous getting back on the road. Your vehicle may also need a little more TLC than usual, especially if it’s a second family vehicle you may have on the drive, your young driver’s run-around, or a fleet vehicle you have access to at work. We have all seen and heard an increase in traffic on our roads in recent weeks as lockdown restrictions have eased. Whether you are returning to the roads for work, for the school run, to reconnect with family and friends, or for any other reason, we have written this digital leaflet to help keep you as safe as possible.".

A recent alert from Neighbourhood Alert and ActionFraud (dated 16th June 2020) says that to date the latter had received reports from 2,378 victims of Coronavirus-related scams, with total losses reaching over £7 million.

In addition to general advice about watching out for scam messages, shopping online, and unsolicited calls and browser pop-ups that offer you tech support, the alert provides specific advice about dealing with scammers who pretend to be calling on behalf of the NHS Test and Trace service, with a list of things that the service will never do. To see the alert in full, click here.

At the time of writing, due to the current COVID19 lockdown, the Memorial Centre, the Children’s Play Area and the Skatepark are all closed. [Mote: Skatepark is now open.] The Memorial Ground itself is open for villagers to use for relaxation and exercise provided the social distancing regulations and guidance published by the Government are observed. The Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) has recently been reopened for Tennis only, subject to users observing the social distancing regulations and guidance.

The Trustees have agreed that the Annual General Meeting scheduled for June 6th will be postponed. We hope to reschedule this for later in the year, possibly in the autumn, in the hope that the current social distancing measures have been relaxed by then.

If this is not the case the Trustees will consider alternatives such as cancelling the AGM for 2020 or holding a video-enabled meeting (Zoom, Skype etc.). Regular Trust meetings have been suspended, Trustees are communicating via email, we will consider resuming management meetings as and when required and allowed.

For the whole of the Chairman’s interim report for the Trust year 2019–2020, click here.

WHITEPARISH 100+ Club: Support your Village facilities whilst winning cash prizes!
It is that time of the year again for existing club members to renew your club numbers and an opportunity for new members to join this Club to raise vital funds to maintain the village facilities on the Memorial Ground—specifically the children’s playground, the MUGA (multi user games area) and the Memorial Centre.

Club members participate in the Club Lottery with a monthly prize fund of £90 as well as the special Christmas draw with prizes of £300. Over £2,300 was raised from the lottery last year.

Participation in the lottery starts at just £15 for one entry into each of the 13 draws. You can buy as many ticket numbers as you wish. Please consider helping to fund our village amenities in this way—the Memorial Centre, MUGA and playground receive no help from Wiltshire Council.

If you are already a member and are one of the 70% + who completed a standing order, then you don’t need to do anything. Your standing order should go through in June and your number(s) will continue for another year. If you would like an additional number(s) then please contact Richard below.

If you are a member not paying by standing order, then you will receive a renewal invitation letter shortly—please follow the instructions in the letter. If you have not received a letter or lost it then please contact Richard/Mike below. If we have your email address, then the letter will be emailed to you—PLEASE GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU’VE NOT DONE SO and remember to tell us if your email or home address changes.

Our contact details:
Richard Burr: richardjburr@gmail.com, telephone 884002
Mike Hayday: mike.hayday@btinternet.com, telephone 884110.

PLEASE NOTE: The graphics that were previously included here under the same heading are now out of date. For the latest information, see these FAQs on the Wilts Council website.

Welcome news from Wiltshire Council: "Most of our 10 household recycling centres (HRCs) will reopen for essential waste only from Monday 18 May. Due to the limits on the number of vehicles on site, Stanton St Quintin HRC will remain closed until further notice. All other HRCs will have different opening hours from usual, so please check before you travel. Full details on opening times will be available later this week.

Residents should only travel to HRCs to dispose of waste that cannot be stored safely at home without causing risk of injury, health or harm. Social distancing measures will be in place at all sites. "
Source: Wiltshire News e-bulletin dated 12 May 2020.

The following events planned for the next few months in South Wilts and nearby areas are either cancelled or postponed due to precautions to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 infections. We’re sorry we can’t include the originally scheduled dates, but if you had one of these in your diary, you’ll know!

Downton Cuckoo Fair
Victory in Europe Day celebrations
Salisbury Schools Mini Marathon
Fabulous Family Fun Day
Salisbury International Arts Festival
Amesbury Carnival
The Vintage Nostalgia Festival - Moved to August 14 to 16
Five Rivers Festival
Chalke Valley History Festival
Larmer Tree Festival
St. George's Day celebrations
The Five Valleys Motorcycle Run
Salisbury Charter Market
Evening at Salisbury Racecourse with Scott Mills
Fordingbridge Festival
New Forest and Hampshire County Show
Frogham Fair
ReCreate Festival
Salisbury Car Fest
Salisbury Pride - Moved to September 26
BRICKLIVE at Salisbury Museum
Weekly Parkrun
Salisbury Live - Anniversary event now scheduled for August 28 to 30, and 'Live @ The Farm' for September 19
Salisbury Street Food Monday
Salisbury Race for Life - Moved to August 16

(Source: Salisbury Journal website, 2 May 2020)

New cPAD installed on the east wall of the Parish Lantern As some of you may have been aware, the village Community Public Access Defibrillator (cPAD) housed at the Parish Lantern was reaching the end of its serviceable life and needed replacing. THANK YOU to the many villagers and businesses for their donations, and to everyone taking part in the recent Quiz fundraiser.

The funds raised enabled us to purchase a new cPAD and a shiny new cabinet to house it in. This is now all up and running, linked to the ambulance service and available as a valuable village resource 24/7 in the event of a medical emergency. In such an event, the cPAD will be activated by the ambulance service during a 999 call, when full instructions will be provided. The new cPAD is the latest model and comes with a service contract ensuring it is maintained in the years to come.

Our THANKS to Paul & Lorraine for kindly continuing to host the box on the wall at the Parish Lantern (we will be back supporting the pub as soon as the current difficult circumstances are behind us), to Martin, Mel & Ben Fisher for the massively successful quiz evening, and to Kev Edwards our local electrician, for kindly ensuring the new cabinet was fitted and wired in with the lighting and heater to keep the cPAD cabinet heated in cooler weather.

As ever we hope the cPAD is never needed to be activated, but great for the village to know it is there if needed.

Wishing you all well, and stay safe.

More from Neighbourhoodalert, this time warning about scams via your phone.

Scams over the phone are nothing new, but, in the current climate, they are being adapted. Criminals are exploiting the need to keep ourselves safe and take protective measures during the COVID19 pandemic so are reinventing their scams to use Coronavirus as a hook. Any unsolicited phone calls should be treated with extreme caution, and if they’re asking for payment details it’s highly likely to be a scam.

Face masks, hand sanitiser and other protective products are in high demand, and fraudsters know this. We’ve also seen lots of activity online with many offering these products to lure people in but the true reality is that they don’t have these products and never will do; it’s all a scam.

If you are looking to purchase these items, don’t panic or rush. Do your research into who you are buying from and look for reviews, this can help determine whether it’s a legitimate company or not. Most importantly though, never give payment or personal details during any unsolicited calls, emails or text messages. If you think that you may have done, contact your bank immediately, change any passwords you may have divulged and report the incident to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at www.actionfraud.police.uk.

Another message from Neighbourhoodalert reports that between the 13th and 19th of April, 2020, Wiltshire Police:
– Recorded 58 incidents linked to COVID19.
– Recorded 6 crimes linked to COVID19.
– Issued 47 Fixed Penalty Notices.
– Made 4 arrests linked to breaches in the COVID19 national guidelines.

Assistant Chief Constable Mark Cooper, who was on-call over the weekend, said: "The vast majority of people within our communities are adhering to the Government guidance which is in place to save lives. We are focusing on engaging with people in our city, towns and villages – ensuring they are aware of the restrictions. Only when absolutely required have we enforced these rules by issuing fines. To date, we’ve issued around 130 fines since the new policing powers came into effect which clearly represents a tiny percentage of our total population here in Wiltshire.

We know people are starting to feel fatigued by the restrictions and by social distancing but we have to remember the fundamental reasons we are doing this—to slow the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and save lives. Over this past weekend, we saw relatively low numbers of crimes being committed and people not adhering to the current restrictions. On behalf of Wiltshire Police, I would like to thank each and every person who is staying at home, protecting the NHS and saving lives for the part they are playing in the national effort to tackle this unprecedented public health emergency."

Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson said: "Once again, I have been pleased to see relatively small numbers of fines being issued and arrests made. On the whole, people are acting in a responsible and respectful way by adhering to the restrictions which are in place to save lives. As we continue through the next few weeks, I know we can count on the vast majority of people in our communities to carry on doing the right thing and only leaving their homes when essential to do so. We all have a role to play in the fight against this infection. We must all continue to adhere to the very latest advice from the Government—this is about saving lives.

The latest guidance can be found at www.gov.uk"

A message from Neighbourhoodalert warns us that the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic, and the natural anxieties that people are experiencing about it, provide new opportunities for the criminal fraternity to exploit via phishing emails, websites, and text messages designed to scam us out of large sums of money and sensitive information. Neighbourhoodalert urges the public when online to remember a three-part plan:
STOP and think a moment before parting with any money or information.
CHALLENGE the origin of your email, text or website. Could it be fake? Check with the sender using another method of communication.
PROTECT yourself with added security measures where possible and report anything suspicious to your bank (or other financial institution) or Action Fraud (0300 123 2040).

Reports from the public have included online shopping scams where people have ordered protective face masks, hand sanitiser and other items which have never arrived, and offers of testing kits that have turned out to be fake. Criminals are sometimes using Government branding to try to scam people, including false offers of financial support through unsolicited emails, phone calls and text messages. In reality, the Government has only sent one text message to the public regarding new rules about staying at home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Any others claiming to be from UK Government are false.

Since the virus took a hold in the UK there have been more than 100 victims of Coronavirus related fraud, with losses of almost £1m already recorded. So don’t get conned. Stop, Challenge, and Protect!

DON’T FORGET "Spring Forward!".
British Summer Time starts on Sunday the 29th March, 2020. So don't forget to set your clocks one hour forwards before retiring for the night on Saturday 28th March. (Unless it's a clever clock that does that sort of thing for itself, of course!)

According to Southern Wiltshire's "Our Community Matters" email bulletin for 14 February 2020, it's been estimated that there may be 10,000 miles of rights of way over historic paths that could be lost forever unless they can be identified and mapped. The Ramblers (formerly known as "The Ramblers' Association") are hoping to build a movement of "citizen geographers" to help find all these missing rights of way before it's too late, via a new "Don't Lose Your Way" online mapping site they have just launched. For more information, click here.

Wiltshire Council claim that they will soon be making it even easier for us to use their kerbside recycling collection service. The way in which recyclable materials are collected will change and this means that for many of us our collection day will change. The council will be informing all households of any collection-day changes by letter at the end of February. Also, we will be able to put more materials in our blue-lidded bins. For more information, click here.

The next meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board (SWAB)—on the evening of 30th January 2020—will be in the Whiteparish Memorial Hall, where a headline topic will be "Tackling antisocial behaviour in the villages of Southern Wiltshire". Click here to view the relevant poster. For a link to the agenda, click here.

The Whiteparish Memorial Trust were delighted to be able to announce that the fourth annnual Winter Ball (held on 30th November, 2019) raised over £3000!

The money raised will be used to make improvements to the Memorial Centre and grounds. A programme of redecoration has already been completed in The Cowesfield Room and Entrance Hall. This work will continue around the Centre. The Memorial Trust also continues to make improvements and carry out essential maintenance on the Play Area and MUGA.

The Trust would like to thank everyone in the village who contributed and gave items to the wonderful hampers for the raffle which raised, in itself, almost £800! The Winter Ball has become a very successful and popular event, raising vital funds for the Memorial Centre.

The normal Friday Black Box & Blue Bin collection will take place on Friday 20th December. The next collection of any kind will be another Black Box & Blue Bin collection on MONDAY 6th January, with a Waste Collection (Black Bin) on SATURDAY 11th January. After that the rota returns to the normal pattern of alternating Fridays, starting with a Black Box & Blue Bin collection on Friday 17th January.

We have been asked to publicise that a cat was run over on the road directly opposite Abbotstone House this afternoon (on Thursday 28th November). It was a small, possibly female, brindle cat. If you or a neighbour has lost a cat of that description, please contact Sue Jones on 01794-884362.

If you were not already on the Electoral Register by Tuesday 26th November, you won’t be able to vote in the 12th December General Election. However, if you’re over 16 years old and meet one or two other requirements, why not register anyway? Once you’re on the register, you won’t need to register again, and you’ll be all set to vote in any applicable elections or referendums from now on—apparently it only takes about five minutes to register online. For more information, go to this link: https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote.

"MEET THE CANDIDATES" (in the Journal).
If you haven't already decided who will get your vote in the forthcoming General Election, the 14th November issue of the Salisbury Journal has a handy "Meet the Candidates" feature on page 14 giving names, parties, photos and a few paragraphs about each of them. We don’t often get political on the website—to tell the truth, we hardly ever get even a teeny bit political. But this one’s important. Choose well.

2019 FIREWORKS, 9th November.
Despite initially unpromising weather, this year’s Fireworks Display, kindly staged and sponsored by Pains Fireworks, for the benefit of Whiteparish All Saints School, took place in dry conditions and was thoroughly enjoyed by a substantial audience in the fields behind the Parish Lantern. For more information click here, and for a photo gallery click here.

NeighbourhoodAlert has circulated a warning about a current outbreak of garage thefts (though the alert doesn't specify whether the outbreak in question is local or national.) Whichever, a near neighbour of ours unfortunately suffered a garage break-in during the same week that the alert was distributed, so it seems this kind of thieving is definitely happening in the Whiteparish area at the moment. The alert includes some precautions you can take to safeguard equipment in garages; click here to view it.

The following alert has just been distributed by neighbourhoodalert.co.uk, timestamped 17.34 on 1st November 2019:

"We have closed the A36 Salisbury Road to motorists in both directions to safely carry out urgent repairs to our gas network. Salisbury Road is now shut between its junction with A27 at Whiteparish and Romsey Road at Ower. Signed diversions are in place for traffic in both directions. Southbound motorists will be diverted via the A27 through Whiteparish. Northbound motorists will be diverted via A3090 Romsey Road. We’re working as quickly and safely as possible to make this repair, but expect this work and our closure to last into the weekend."
Message Sent By Ben Tarrant-Lewis (SGN, Incident Support, sou)

Nathan, the secretary of the Whiteparish & Downton Charity Darts League, has asked us to publicise the fact that the league is looking for local worthy causes to which the league could donate some money they have collected. (If you apply, no doubt Nathan will provide further details about any conditions that applied re eligibility, etc.) If you or your organisation would like to be considered, please email dwartsleague@gmail.com, or for more information about the league see their facebook page.

A new "e-newsletter" from Wiltshire Council came thudding onto our electronic doormat (and quite likely yours as well) on the 28th October, promising to provide "news and information about the services we provide and things happening across Wiltshire. It will be issued fortnightly, but in addition you can opt to receive information about specific topics and areas of interest to you by completing the preference form." If you haven’t received your own copy of the e-newsletter yet (there’s no indication of how widely it is being distributed), you can see this first issue by clicking here.

The same e-newsletter just mentioned includes some tips for staying safe at Halloween, and a link to a downloadable poster that you can display if you would rather not be trick-or-treated. To quote the e-newsletter:

"Not taking part in Halloween?
If you don’t want to be bothered by trick or treaters this Halloween, you can print off our "No trick or treaters" poster, and place it in the front door or window of your home. Click here to download the poster.
Please respect those that have chosen not to take part in Halloween by not calling at houses displaying this poster. While lots of people enjoy trick or treating, some people—particularly the elderly or vulnerable—might be distressed by seeing strangers knocking at their door."

We are grateful to Richard Stevens for sending us this light-hearted account of some of his impressions of Whiteparish after moving here over fifty years ago. We hope soon to add contemporary pictures of some of the characters mentioned.

Wiltshire Council have given notice that the A27 will be closed to all traffic from Brickworth Cottage eastward for about 1,705 metres between the hours of 09:00 and 16:00 on the two above days to enable work on the carriageway, etc. For a more detailed description, including a telephone number for further information, click here. For a plan showing the affected section of the A27, with diversions, click here.

Richard Maryon passing microphone to spaceman Rory for official fete-opening Hopefully better late than never, some photos taken at the 2019 Whiteparish Fete (15th June) have finally found their way into the website’s Galleries section; and you can see them by clicking here. This one shows joint MC Richard Maryon (he shared duties with Phil Brown) passing the microphone to spaceman Rory who made an excellent job of officially opening the fete. Glancing through the gallery you might get the impression that the fete was not very well attended, but this is because, due to time constraints, most of the photos in the gallery had to be taken during the first hour or so, before the rain stopped and before the more cautious fete-goers had arrived. (And there wasn't time to photograph everything, as we’ve tried to do in most previous years.)

However, and despite the weather, overall attendance was probably almost as high as in 2018 (when we had enjoyed warm sunshine throughout), with almost as much (£7,976.90) being raised for the good causes that benefited. We hope to add a few snaps taken at the Bands Night, soon.

The Annual Garden & Hobbies Show was held in the Memorial Hall on 17th August, and enjoyed by competitors and spectators alike—many attendees being both, of course—with numbers well up on the previous year. The heavy overnight rain that preceded it must have presented problems for both organisers and competitors, though after that the day itself was both warm and dry. For a short report and a list of some of the award winners, see the Garden Club page; and for a fine set of photos kindly contributed by Keith Hobbs, see the website’s Galleries section.

It had been a while since we last received any aerial views of Whiteparish, but Michael Thorne recently sent us one captured in July from a glider. It joins earlier photos in the Galleries section from other contributors that were taken in 2005, 2006, and 2008 (two from light aircraft and one from a balloon, respectively). Together they make an interesting record of how the village changes over time. Click here to see the new photo.

Wiltshire Council are consulting on developing proposals for "an exciting future for Salisbury", which they’re calling the Salisbury Central Area Framework. This consultation will inform development proposals for the city centre and they’re asking for your feedback on what you’d like the city centre to look like in the future.

"When completed," (to quote the press release) "the Salisbury Central Area Framework will set out a strategy that will be deliverable and will bring positive change to create a more vibrant city centre. As part of this, we want to ensure that the traditional aspects of heritage, green space and community are enhanced and encouraged. The Salisbury Central Area Framework will build upon previous consultations and bring together many different projects and initiatives under one single document. This will form an important part of the evidence base to inform the emerging Wiltshire Local Plan Review and Salisbury Neighbourhood Plan."

Paper copies of consultation documents about the framework, and response forms, are available during normal opening hours from local libraries including the Salisbury Library, and from the Wiltshire Council offices at Bourne Hill. Comments about the framework can be made until 5.00 pm on Friday the 9th August, either online at the Council’s Consultation Portal, by email to FutureSalisbury@wiltshire.gov.uk, or by visiting one of the venues already mentioned and filling out a paper survey form that can be sent by post to Major Projects, Wiltshire Council, The Council House, Bourne Hill, Salisbury, SP1 3UZ.

Wiltshire Neighbourhood Watch will be holding their Annual General Meeting on Saturday 13th July 2019, from 10:30am until 12:30pm, in The Bay Window Room at Wiltshire Police Headquarters, London Road, Devizes, Wiltshire, SN10 2DN.

The guest speaker will be Chief Constable Kier Pritchard, who will be giving a talk on Modern-Day Slavery. The complete agenda can be seen on the Wilts Neighbourhood Watch website: click here. All Neighbourhood Watch Members and all interested parties are very welcome to join us.

According to signs very recently erected alongside the A27 at the Eastern side of the village, the resurfacing work referred to in the next story will now start on the 17th June. So hopefully the work will not impact traffic or parking at all for the Hog Roast/Bands Night (evening of 14th June) or Village Fete (15th June).

Simon Price, the "consultant representative" for Wiltshire Council in connection with the A27 resurfacing work during Fete Week, has written to the Parish Council as follows:
"As consultant representative for Wiltshire Council, I write to inform you of an amendment to the carriageway resurfacing works programmed along the A27 Romsey Road, Whiteparish. Unfortunately the Contractors have required to postpone the works by a day, due to delays at another site. The works will now commence on 13th June. Additionally the works will now be undertaken between the hours of 09:00 and 15:45, to allow the school bus access.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any inconvenience this movement of the programme will cause but trust you will appreciate the necessity for these essential works to maintain Wiltshire’s highway network. Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me on the details shown below [tel 01225 730 381]. If you wish to discuss the works whilst they are in operation, please speak to a member of the workforce who will direct you to the appropriate person."

100+ CLUB: Support your Village facilities whilst winning cash prizes!
With the end of the Club year fast approaching it is time to renew your numbers and an opportunity for new members to join this Club to raise vital funds to maintain the village facilities on the Memorial Ground—specifically the children’s playground, the MUGA (multi user games area) and the Memorial Centre.

Club members participate in the Club Lottery with a monthly prize fund of up to £100 as well as the special Christmas draw with prizes of £300. Over £2,200 was raised from the lottery last year including £500 from the Christmas party. Participation in the lottery starts at just £15 for one entry into each of the 13 draws. You can buy as many ticket numbers as you wish. We will shortly be delivering a leaflet through your door with details of how to join or increase your membership. Please consider helping to fund our village amenities in this way—the Memorial Centre, MUGA and playground receive no help from Wiltshire Council.

If you are already a member and are one of the 50+% who completed a standing order then you don’t need to do anything. Your standing order should go through on 15th June and your number(s) will continue for another year. If you would like an additional number(s) then please contact Richard below.

If you are a member not paying by standing order then you will receive a renewal invitation letter shortly—please follow the instructions in the letter. If you have not received a letter or lost it then please contact Richard/Mike below. If we have your email address then the letter will be emailed to you—PLEASE GIVE US YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS IF YOU’VE NOT DONE SO and remember to tell us if your email or home address changes. Finally, if all else fails then come and see us at our table at the Village Fete on 15th June and we’ll get your membership up and running.

Our contact details:
Richard Burr  richardjburr@gmail.com  telephone 01794 884002 or
Mike Hayday  mike.hayday@btinternet.com  telephone 01794 884110.

Wiltshire Police have issued the following alert via the Action Fraud Community Messaging service:

"We are receiving lots of calls from people who have received letters from someone purporting to be from HMRC with a demand for money. A phone number is provided to call, which will connect to Wiltshire Police so appears genuine. This is a scam, and people receiving these letters should be aware that Wiltshire Police will only provide the 101 number for members of the public to make contact in these circumstances. Do not call the number in the message nor attempt to make contact with the sender.

If you have received one of these letters there is no need to call Police, but we would encourage you to report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or online at https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/ as a phishing scam. You can find more information and advice here."

As many will already know, Wiltshire Council is working on a "masterplan" for The Maltings and Central Car Park, Salisbury, which is being prepared to guide the redevelopment of the site. As part of this exercise (writes their Major Projects dept), "in order to ensure that the public have a meaningful input into the production of the masterplan, the Council are carrying out a public consultation on a draft masterplan that has been prepared," which was made available in mid-April 2019 via the Council’s Consultation Portal, while paper copies are available during normal opening hours at local libraries and at the Bourne Hill council offices in Salisbury. The period available for comments ends at 5.00 pm on Friday 24th May 2019.

Comments can be made: online via Wiltshire Council’s Consultation Portal; by email to majorprojects@wiltshire.gov.uk; or by post in writing to: Major Projects, Wiltshire Council, The Council House, Bourne Hill, Salisbury, SP1 3UZ.

All comments received during the consultation period will be taken into consideration before the masterplan is finalised and presented to the Council’s Strategic Planning Committee for endorsement.

Should you require further information on the consultation, please email: majorprojects@wiltshire.gov.uk, or telephone 01722 434354.

We must apologise to anyone who has tried to send in a new entry for the website's list of Whiteparish-based businesses recently. The hosting company we use has made some kind of change at their end that has stopped the submission form working—and we thank those who brought this to our attention. We’re trying to get to the bottom of this problem and fix it ASAP, but in the meantime we can add new entries or update old ones "manually". Send us an email to feedback@whiteparish.co.uk (that's not a link, you’ll need to copy and paste it), providing the same information that's asked for on the form. Please note though that the business listing facility is available only to people who live in, or whose business is based in, Whiteparish itself—that is, within the parish boundary..

At the time of writing, Wiltshire Council's online calendar of Rubbish and Recycling collections is out of action, but the relevant web page has this notice: "Please note there is no change to collection days over the Easter period." So there will be a rubbish collection as usual on Friday 19th April 2019 (Good Friday).

The Southern Wiltshire Area Board (SWAB) will be holding one of their regular meetings in Whiteparish’s Memorial Centre on the first of May 2019, starting (or doors opening—not sure which) at 7.00 pm.. These meetings are open to the public, so why not come along and hear more about what this body gets up to? (SWAB was brought into being in 2009 when the much-missed Salisbury District Council was done away with, its former responsibilities were gobbled up by Wiltshire Council, and a complete layer of local democracy disappeared.)

One item on the agenda which may well be of interest is entitled "The do’s and don’ts of using southern Wiltshire’s rights of way, which will include up-to-date information regarding landowner and user rights and responsibilities in southern Wiltshire; the opportunity to raise your queries and concerns about rights of way and permissive paths in your village; and hear about Grimstead’s Circular Walks initiative. There will also be the opportunity to have your say on new proposals to fund youth activities for 2019/2020 in Southern Wiltshire.

Angus Macpherson, Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon, has decided not to stand for re-election to the post of PCC in 2020. The position of an elective PCC was created to replace Police Authorities in 2012. Mr Macpherson, who served as a magistrate member on the local Police Authority for seven years prior to the change, was elected as Wiltshire and Swindon’s PCC in 2012 and then re-elected in 2016. He will be stepping down from the position in May 2020 once a new PCC has been chosen by the public.

For more information, see this Community Messaging item.

The enthusiastic volunteers who run Whiteparish’s "Parish Pictures" were delighted when their 6th April showing of Bohemian Rhapsody attracted a full house of 80 keen movie-goers (or Queen fans—or both) on a drizzly Saturday night. This was by far the biggest attendance yet for one of their popular movie evenings, and we noticed a fair sprinkling of folk from surrounding villages in the audience. Perhaps we can look forward to further offerings in the same genre?

These Saturday-night picture shows are not just good fun and of commendably high quality but it’s all in a good cause, because as described on the website's Parish Pictures page, "surplus funds may be used for improvements to our presentations and for donations to local charities". After the show, Parish Pictures’s John Herrett told us "It’s very rewarding for us to get that sort of turnout, and I hope that it will translate into more customers for the less well-known films too".

Adam Weymouth receives Lonely Planet Adventure Travel Book of the Year award Following his recent award as "Young Writer of the Year" for 2018 (as we reported earlier), Adam Weymouth (on the right in the photo, holding his trophy), son of Whiteparish residents Keith and Sally Weymouth, has now also won the Lonely Planet Adventure Travel Book of the Year (2019) award for his book Kings of the Yukon (published by Particular Books). The Lonely Planet Adventure Travel Award is one of a number of travel writing awards in various categories that are sponsored by Edward Stanford Ltd.

A notice from Action Fraud warns that fraudsters are posting advertisements for non-existent animals and pet accessories online. Action Fraud have received thousands of reports with victims reporting a total loss of over £3 million. For more information, click here.

The Whiteparish Memorial Ground Trustees have asked us to bring to your attention a way of supporting this local charitable trust at no cost whatever to yourself, as long as you are an Amazon customer. For more information, click here.

On 30th March 2019, a cycling event with a title something like "the Wiggle New Forest Sportive 2019" will be passing through Whiteparish, taking in the A27 (Romsey Rd), The Green, Dean Lane, and Ashmore Lane. Exactly when the bulk of the participants will go through the village is difficult to say, but we're about a third of the way along a roughly circular route of 100 miles, and the event is scheduled to start at 0630. Apparently it won't cause any road closures, but we can probably assume that there might be some brief hold-ups to ordinary traffic during the period that the majority of riders will be passing through.

For a map showing the route, click here. For the Organisers' website, including a short description of the event (there are three different routes, the one that goes through Whiteparish being the longest), click here.

Healthwatch Wiltshire, the consumer champion for health and social care services in the county, is launching a small grants scheme to invest in projects that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of local people. The Community Cash Fund will enable groups to apply for up to £2,000 to start projects in their local community.

The scheme will help Healthwatch Wiltshire get more feedback on health and social care services from people it might not otherwise hear from. Healthwatch Wiltshire Manager, Stacey Plumb said: "This is a great opportunity for groups to get funding for projects that will really make a difference to health and wellbeing in their community. We are keen to hear from anyone who has an idea for a project, no matter how small. This scheme will help us gather more people’s experiences of local services, and help ensure that their voices are heard. We’re really excited to see what ideas people have and how we can help make them a reality."

It’s the first time Healthwatch Wiltshire has run the Community Cash Fund, but projects funded by other Healthwatches in the South West include: dance classes, art groups, health exhibitions, pop up cafes, support groups, music sessions and healthy eating cookery groups. For more information and an application form, click here. Simply fill in the application form and return it to Healthwatch Wiltshire; applications must be received by 5pm on Friday 29 March.

If you have any questions, please contact Jo Woodsford, Volunteering and Partnerships Lead, at joanne.woodsford@healthwatchwiltshire.co.uk or call 01225 434218.

The makers of the BBC2 series "Back in Time for Tea" and "Back in Time for School" are looking for a new family to immerse themselves in the past. On their website at the time of writing, applications are shown as still open, so if you are interested in volunteering to take part it may not be too late to apply. Brief details are on this poster, which also includes the address to contact for more information.

Wiltshire Council has notified that Common Road will need to be closed to enable the council to carry out "edge overrun works" and improve roadside verges. The work is scheduled to start on the 10th April 2019 and the road may need to be closed until 19th April.

Hopefully, most internet users these days are aware of the need to be always on the alert for people (and organisations) who may try to contact you using a false identity, gain your trust, and cheat you—but new and less experienced users can be vulnerable, and more so at particular times in their lives (or times of the year). Hence a recent press release from the police Action Fraud unit, issued the day before Valentine’s Day 2019! To find out how to avoid being a victim of "dating fraud", click here to read the press release in question, where there’s also a link to an example of a dating fraud letter.

Whiteparish residents are invited to come to the Annual Parish Meeting, which will be held on Tuesday 19th March at 7.30 pm in the Memorial Centre, and meet their Parish Councillors. Everyone is welcome. Although it is chaired by the Chairman of the Parish Council, the Annual Parish Meeting is just that—a meeting of the parish. If you have any concerns or wish to raise a particular local matter, then why not come to the meeting and have your say? If you are unable to attend but wish to raise any village matter, please inform the Parish Clerk at maria.pennington456@btinternet.com or telephone her at 01722 711858.

On 14th March 2019, at 7.00 pm, Wiltshire Council's Southern Area Board is hosting a public debate in Alderbury Village Hall (SP5 3AD) on the topic of local housing need. According to a poster about the event, attendees will be able to:

 – Have a say on what type and how much affordable housing is needed locally.
 – Receive information on what the council is doing to promote more housing.
 – Get an update on the housing waiting list, broken down per parish, how this is identified; i.e. neighbourhood plans, allocated housing sites, process for updating the core strategy.

For more information please contact karen.linaker@wiltshire.gov.uk or phone 01722 434697.

At a time when overall crime figures are increasing, it's good to find that Wiltshire Police were one of just four police forces nationally to see a reduction—only of one percent, but at least it's in the right direction. For comments by Wiltshire's Police & Crime Commissioner Angus Macpherson, click here. For statistics freaks who would like to study the full report from the Office of National Statistics, click here.

Wiltshire Council has notified that Moor Lane (Part of), Whiteparish, will need to be closed from its junction with Timberley Lane to its junction with the A36 from 11th February 2019, and it is anticipated that the closure will be required until 22nd March. This is to enable Southern Gas Network to install a new gas main. For further information, contact Sally Merrett (Southern Gas Network) on 02392 624120.

Kim Munro with 2018 Platinum Carers' Award presented to Whiteparish Surgery Whiteparish Surgery’s services for local carers have been recognised for the sixth year running with an award from the Wiltshire Investors in Carers GP Accreditation Scheme, and this time it's the recently introduced Platinum Award–the highest level–added to the scheme in recognition of the outstanding carer support provided by many Wilts GP practices. According to the citation, the award is for the "outstanding services and support that Whiteparish Surgery provides to carers". Just one example being the programme of quarterly Saturday-morning Carers’ Coffee Mornings held between 09:30 and 11:30 am—the next one is scheduled for Saturday 23rd February 2019.

The awards scheme is funded by Wiltshire Council and the NHS Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group and aims to raise awareness of carers’ issues in GP practices, with a system of awards to recognise support that the practices provide for carers. To achieve an award, practices need to be able to meet more than a dozen requirements that include maintaining an up-to-date carers’ register, have a Carers’ Lead, provide flexible appointments for carers, and hold a minimum of one carers’ clinic per year. The clinics are run in partnership with the CSW Community Connector Team. For more information about the surgery's services for carers, click here to go to the relevant section of the surgery website.

If you are a carer, there are many advantages in registering the fact that you fulfil that role. For further information please ask to speak to Kim Munro (Carers Lead) or Justine Parsons (Deputy Carers Lead).

The photo shows Carers Lead Kim Munro, who has been closely involved with the surgery's work for carers from the beginning, with the surgery's most recent Platinum Award.

The South Wilts Area Board (SWAB)—whose coverage includes the parishes of Alderbury, Britford, Clarendon Park, Coombe Bissett, Downton, Firsdown, Grimstead, Landford, Laverstock, Ford and Old Sarum, Odstock, Pitton and Farley, Redlynch, West Dean, Whiteparish, and Winterslow— will be meeting in the Whiteparish Memorial Centre on 31st January 2019, starting at 7.00 pm, with refreshments and "networking opportunity" from 6.30 pm. The Area Board welcomes and invites contributions from members of the public, and the chairman will try to ensure that everyone who wishes to speak will have the opportunity to do so. For the agenda, with links to other related information, click here.

Wiltshire Council welcomes the views of parents, carers, pupils, staff and the public on its vision to transform special needs education. The statutory consultation into the future vision for special schools in Wiltshire is now online. People are encouraged to send in their views on the council vision to transform special needs education. For more information, including links to ways to contribute your views, click here.

"Would you be prepared to pay an extra two pounds a month for more police officers?"  
That's the question being asked by Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Wiltshire and Swindon, Angus Macpherson.

PCC Macpherson is looking for the views of Wiltshire residents on the proposed average increase of £24 a year (for an average Band D property) to the policing precept.

The policing precept, which is collected with your council tax, goes directly to the Police and Crime Commissioner where 98% is allocated to the Chief Constable and the remaining 2% to the PCC’s office for commissioned services which includes supporting victims of crime and restorative justice. Currently, the average Wiltshire household contributes £15.19 per month to local policing, but if residents and local businesses back the proposal then this would rise to £17.19 per month.

The PCC said, "Last year, with residents’ support, I promised to maintain frontline policing numbers after several years of seeing a decrease. I also pledged to continue investing in mobile technology allowing officers and staff to work in the community. This year, if you agree to this precept rise, I will recruit 41 more officers and 2 dedicated cyber-crime staff."

For the full text of PCC Macpherson's message, including a link to the consultation survey itself, click here. (The survey closes on 31st January 2019.)

The police service "Action Fraud" has distributed the following Alert notice:
"Action Fraud has received more than 5,000 reports about fake emails and texts purporting to be from TV Licensing. The messages contain links to genuine-looking websites that are designed to steal personal and financial information.

Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information in case it’s a scam. Never automatically click on a link in an unexpected email or text. For more information about how to stay safe online, visit cyberaware.gov.uk".

As from 7th January 2019, a six- to eight-week programme of refurbishment is ongoing at the surgery, to extend and refit the dispensary and replace all the sink units in the clinical rooms. According to Practice Manager Hilary Jenkins, the staff have planned carefully to minimise disruption to services: the surgery will not be cancelling any clinical sessions during the work, and will be able to offer the same number of appointments as usual. She comments that as with all building projects, the surgery are braced to expect that the unexpected may happen, but are confident that "the end result will certainly be worth it!"

photo of Adam Weymouth Adam Weymouth, son of Whiteparish residents Keith and Sally Weymouth, has just been named 2018 winner of the prestigious Sunday Times/Peters Fraser + Dunlop Young Writer of the Year award (in association with the University of Warwick), which recognizes the best work of fiction, nonfiction, or poetry, in the view of the judges, by a British or Irish author aged beetween 18 and 35.

Adam’s book Kings of the Yukon (published by Particular Books) describes a three-month canoe trip through the rugged and remote Yukon territory of northwest Canada, looking for the king salmon of the title. According to the award's website, the three judges backed the award with unanimous enthusiasm. Andrew Holgate, Literary Editor of the Sunday Times, said "It feels as if we have found, ready minted and hidden in plain sight, a really outstanding new contemporary British voice—one who literary editors . . . almost completely failed to spot on publication." He went on to say: " . . .Weymouth combines acute political, personal and ecological understanding, with the most beautiful writing . . . He is, I have no doubt, a significant voice for the future."

For the complete article, click here.

Wiltshire Council have distributed the following notice (in the form of a poster headed "Older persons' standard Wiltshire concessionary bus pass renewal") to parish councils in the county.)
From 1 January 2019, not all bus passes will be renewed automatically. This is because there are approximately 20,000 passes in circulation that have not been scanned on a bus prior to renewal, indicating that the pass has not been used. In these cases the passes will not be automatically renewed.

If your pass is not automatically renewed but you would still like to receive one to use in the future, please contact Wiltshire Council on 0300 456 0100 and we can arrange for your new pass to be issued. Wiltshire Council regrets that any charges which may occur on bus journeys are non refundable.

If you know of anyone who may be affected by this change in the renewal procedure and is unlikely to have seen either this notice or the poster, you can download the poster by clicking here, and give them a paper copy.

The South Wilts Area Board say "It would be great to see you at the Area Board on WEDNESDAY 28 November 2018" for their next meeting, which will be at Trafalgar School, Downton (so just down the road), starting at 7.00 pm. To see the agenda, click here.

Wiltshire Council have sent notice to the Parish Council of the closure of a 225-metre stretch of Newton Lane (from The White House in a north-westerly direction) on the 10th January 2019 for one day, though the duration of the closure may be affected by weather. The closure is necessary for renewal of a telegraph pole. For the full text of the notice, click here. For a map showing the affected section of roadway, alternative route, etc, click here..

On Saturday 8th December 2018, at 2pm, this £100,000 facility in the Whiteparish Memorial Ground will be formally opened by the young design team and Mrs Sarah Skeates, who initiated the project.

Everyone is invited to the opening, come along and enjoy this marvellous new facility, whether a beginner or expert. The grant-awarding bodies will also be invited, along with the press and Wiltshire Council representatives. The skatepark was designed and built by Gravity Skateparks. The Parish Council is extremely grateful for the help given by Mrs Sarah Skeates, a local resident, who worked tirelessly and with great enthusiasm and dedication to accomplish the funding for the new skatepark.

For the full text of this notice, click here.

Here's yet another current public consultation, this time being conducted by Salisbury City Council on the subject of the city's 11 public conveniences. The council are seeking feedback about charging for their use, which toilets people use, their current state, and what users expect. For a list of the conveniences that the council maintains, including facilities and opening hours, with a link to the online survey, click here. The survey ends on December 12th this year.

Whiteparish Surgery are organising a "How can we Help?" session to be held in the Memorial Hall on the morning of Saturday November 24th, between 9.30 a.m. and 11.30. Representatives from the following organisations (and more) will be providing advice and information: Parker Bullen (Will Writing and Power of Attorney), Extend Exercise, The Memory Box Project Group, Wiltshire Farm Foods, Travelling Dementia Suitcase, Healthy Landford Group, Wilts Fire & Rescue (smoke alarms), Carers' Support Wiltshire, Romsey Dementia Action, Music for the Mind, Admiral Nurses, Bobby Van (home security). Refreshments will be available.

A month or so ago a villager contacted us about a letter they had just received describing an initiative from an organization called nextdoor.co.uk, for setting up a kind of online neighbourhood network in Whiteparish. Our contact was particularly concerned because although the letter purported to be from someone at another address in the village (someone that our contact didn't know), it was preprinted with what looked like a second-class stamp and a postmark, rather than the real (stuck-on) stamp they would have expected to see.

Regular visitors to whiteparish.co.uk will know that we occasionally include advice about reducing the risk of being a victim of internet scams. However, despite our questioning some aspects of nextdoor.co.uk (as mentioned in the earlier story here), we're glad to report that as far as we can tell it doesn't seem to be one of these—it just has what might (generously) be described as an innovative method of introducing itself in new neighbourhoods as it grows. The preprinted envelopes are a legitimate Royal Mail product, and incorporate a so-called "digital stamp". So we've removed our earlier story. All the same, it seems unlikely that the folks behind nextdoor.co.uk will be setting up all these "free" neighbourhood networks out of the goodness of their corporate hearts! Best guess at the moment is that targeted online advertising will be introduced, perhaps sooner rather than later.

Another instance of South Wilts getting its turn in a county-wide public consultation will be held in the Banqueting Room of Salisbury Guildhall on November 29th, between 5.30 and 7 pm, when South Wilts residents will have an opportunity to join Wiltshire County cabinet members at a Focusing on the Future meeting. Subjects to be covered are:
Decision making – how we (the council) allocate your council tax to deliver services.
Diligence – how we spend wisely and balance the budget.
Difference – how we’re changing.
Digital – how we’re making it easier for you to book, pay and do on line – when you want to.
Devolution – how parish and town councils and communities can deliver more services locally.
Delivery – how we will continue to do what we say we will.

Refreshments will be available. Please email the events team (events@wiltshire.gov.uk) if you're interested in attending.

Wiltshire Police are currently looking for feedback for developing their new Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion strategy, and to improve policing services in Wiltshire and Swindon. They have already held meetings in Swindon and Trowbridge, and are now taking bookings for a third public consultation meeting, for the South Wilts area, to be held in St Paul's Church Centre on the evening of Wednesday 21st November. For more information on this, including a facility for buying tickets and an online survey available for those who can't get to the meeting but would still like to provide input, click here.

"Trick-or-Treating" can be fun for both the trick-or-treaters and the householders they call on—but only if the householders are OK with being trick-or-treated! For householders who would prefer not to have trick or treaters call on the 31st October (perhaps if you’re elderly, or for any other reason), Wiltshire Police have made a poster available that you can put in a prominent position by your front door. To download a printable copy of the poster, click here; for general advice about halloween from Wiltshire police, click here.

John Herrett of Parish Pictures writes:
"The results of the film choice ballot (see Parish Pictures page) were clear: the most wanted film from the short list was The Post, so we shall be screening this on 13th October. This will be followed by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri on 3rd November and Adrift on 8th December (provided it's been released by then).

Once again we have Tony’s Frying Machine (new van version) visiting after the film on 13th October. It would be very helpful, please, if you would indicate whether you are likely to be enjoying a fish and chip supper with us afterwards: this doesn't have to be a firm decision, but it will help inform Tony about the stock level he needs. (Especially let us know, firm decision, if you want Haddock!) If you're buying your ticket(s) at the shop, tell them and it will be noted.

As always, your feedback, comments and film suggestions are welcome."
Regards, John

Following the retirement from responding of founder Martin Fisher and founder member Sheila Campbell, Whiteparish's Community First Responders have some vacancies to fill! For more on this story, especially if you might be interested in joining Whiteparish CFRs and being trained to help others in a medical emergency, click here.

As part of Operation Sceptre—the national knife crime prevention initiative also launched this week (on Monday 17th September, 2018), bringing together police forces co-ordinating ways to tackle knife crime—Wiltshire Police are appealing for people to hand in unwanted or illegal knives and bladed weapons during the period of the amnesty: Monday 17th to Sunday 30th September.

Special amnesty bins are available at six locations across the county: Swindon's Gablecross Police Station, Marlborough Police Station, Melksham Police Station, Chippenham's Monkton Park, Trowbridge Police Station and the Temporary Police Station at the rear of Five Rivers Leisure Centre in Salisbury. The knife amnesty gives people the chance to dispose of knives and weapons by simply taking them to one of the specified police stations and dropping them into an amnesty bin.

During the period of the amnesty those handing in knives and weapons will not face prosecution for possession of a knife or weapon and can remain anonymous. For more details, and the background of Operation Sceptre, click here.

After keeping hire charges for the Memorial Hall and Cowesfield Room at the same level for four years, the Memorial Trust has been obliged to raise the cost of booking either of these two rooms from £10 per hour to £12 per hour for hires from the 1st of January 2019 onwards. The old price will still apply for hires up to the end of 2018. For more information about hiring memorial centre facilities, with links to conditions that apply, and a sample hire agreement, click here. (For more on the reasons for the increase, click here for the relevant minutes.)

On behalf of the whole village the Trustees of the Memorial Centre would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Hazel and Sid for almost 5 years of managing the Centre and the booking system.

Sid in particular has gone well beyond his normal duties in setting up and packing away furniture for all the events big and small over this period. His help will be missed by many. Enjoy your retirement, Hazel & Sid – and those well-deserved holidays!

Despite the challenging weather conditions, once again the 122nd village show — staged by the Garden Club in the Memorial Hall on 11th August — was a success. Well done to all of you who participated but we would like to see even more entries next year! Congratulations to all winners but especially to Malvin Ward who really stole the show this year; and to Alexander White who beat Hollie Smith by one point to win the Children's Cup. For the full list of award winners, click here. For a gallery of nice photographs taken at the event by Keith Hobbs (to whom many thanks), click here.

John Glen, MP for Salisbury and South Wilts and Economic Secretary to the Treasury, was profiled in The Guardian on 28th July in a longish article which understandably concentrated on his views about the recent nerve-agent poisonings in Salisbury and Amesbury. You can read the article (by interviewer Decca Aikenhead) by clicking here.

We don't normally have much to say about Westminster-level political figures in the website, but we thought it worthwhile to include this link because (a) John Glen is after all our MP, and (b) unless you happen to be a regular Guardian reader (not too many of 'em in these parts), you probably wouldn't have been aware of the article, and you might like to at least glance through it.

The website now includes a gallery of photographs taken at this year's fete, which you can view via the link below. Please note a couple of points.
(1) In a test viewing, the gallery was a little slow to load in the first place and occasionally hesitated before between images. This may be because out here on the fringe of the village our broadband performance is currently dire. Hopefully, people with faster connections will not have any problems. We'll still try to tweak the gallery images to improve loading speed, but it may be a few days before we can get round to it.
(2) Photographs of village events on the website are always likely to feature villagers and others who attended, because it's hard to see any other way of conveying the community "flavour" of the event–without people there'd be no event! And we can't always ask permission at the time. But if you appear in a gallery photo and would rather not do so, just let us know who you are and which photo you're in, and we'll either remove the image altogether or crop you out!

To go to the 2018 Fete gallery, click here.

As regular readers and subscribers of Steeple & Street will already know, the July edition of our indispensable village magazine includes the "schedule" that specifies the classes for this summer's Flowers & Hobbies Show. But if by any chance you don't have a copy of the magazine, the schedule is also available as pdf files for downloading from this website. Click here for the top sheet, and here for the main schedule.

From 30 July 2018 you will be able to recycle more materials at home! Under a new waste and recycling contract that starts on that date, you will be able to use your blue kerbside bin to recycle a wider variety of materials including clean food and drink cartons, as well as plastic pots, tubs and trays. For more information (including a few exemptions), see the Wiltshire Council website. It's also on the agenda for the 12th July Area Board meeting in Alderbury (see below).

The next Area Board meeting is to be held on Thursday 12th July 2018 at Alderbury Village Hall, Rectory Road. The meeting starts at 7pm, everyone is welcome to attend.

Plans and funding for a new skatepark (or "wheeled sports facility") to replace the old half pipe on the Memorial Ground are well advanced. For more information, with some introductory notes and sketches showing different views of the new facility, click here.

The Garden Club's Flower & Hobbies Show for 2018 takes place on Saturday 11th August, which from memory is a slightly earlier date than in most recent years. We understand that the full schedule of classes will be published in the July and August editions of Steeple & Street (and hopefully on the website), but if you're thinking of entering something in the Art and Handicrafts classes and want to get working on it early, you can find details of those classes either in the June S & S or by clicking here.

With the end of the Club year fast approaching it is time for existing members to renew your numbers and an opportunity for new members to join this Club to raise vital funds to maintain the village facilities on the playing field—specifically the children's playground, the MUGA (multi user games area) and the Memorial Centre.

Club members participate in the monthly Club Lottery with a prize fund of up to £100 as well as the special Christmas draw with prizes of £300. Existing members should follow the instructions in your renewal letter to continue for another year. To find out more about joining the club or renewing your membership, click here.

(Extracts from an email sent by the neighbourhoodalert.co.uk website people.) "There are just a few days left for rural communities to have their say on crime and policing where they live.

The National Rural Crime Survey comes to an end on 10 June 2018 and is asking key questions to ensure the voice of the countryside is heard. Do you think rural crime has gone up or down in Wiltshire? Do you feel safer? What’s your view of the police in your community?

Three years ago the last National Rural Crime Survey revealed the huge cost of crime to rural communities—both financial, at £800 million per year, and fear, with chronic under-reporting, anger and frustration at the police and government. The National Rural Crime Network produced a series of recommendations and, in many areas, the police took steps to improve matters. So, now, we want to know what’s changed. We want to know the true picture of crime and anti-social behaviour in rural communities across Wiltshire—and the impact it has where you live or work."

For more information about the survey you can read the whole text of the release by clicking here. Or to go straight to the online survey itself, click here.

photo of missing garden fairy A Common Road resident has just emailed us with a sad and worrying story about the theft of a garden ornament (see left) of great sentimental value to her and her husband. She is particularly concerned in case this might be the start of a spate of such thefts in the village, and wants to warn residents to try to make their own garden ornaments secure.

As she writes: "[the fairy's] dimensions are weight approx 4.5kg, height 54 cm. We are extremely surprised that someone who walks past our garden has seen it and decided to come into our garden and take it. We have reported the theft to the police but are concerned that now this has happened maybe other things may be taken by this opportunist . . . I would ask if anyone has seen anything or knows of someone that has recently acquired a fairy, where they got it from? We would really love to get her back. We are extremely upset and are now concerned that this type of thing could happen again in this area."

It seems possible that Whiteparish might have a higher-than-average proportion of TSB Bank customers, since the former Lloyds Bank branch in Romsey became a TSB branch fairly recently. But whether or not that's so, TSB customers need to be aware of recent increased activity by fraudsters hoping to take advantage of TSB's recent difficulties with its online banking services. Action Fraud reported an increase of 970% in attempted phishing attacks on TSB customers during the first 3+ weeks of May 2018, compared with the same period in the previous month. For more details of how to avoid being taken in by the phishing attacks just referred to (and "smishing attacks", too), click here to see Action Fraud's notice in full.

The next meeting of the Southern Wiltshire Area Board (SWAB) will be held at Pitton Village Hall on Thursday 3rd May, at 7.00 pm. To see the agenda, click here.

At a meeting of the Wilts Southern Area Planning Committee held on April 12th 2018, the commitee passed planning application 17/12499/FUL & 18/00274, relating to the following proposed work at the King’s Head: "Single Storey Rear Extension (Orangery) to Pub Building & Separate Barn Conversion/Restoration with extension to provide Lodging".

snowfall on 18 March 2018, 8.00 am
After what the press called "the beast from the east" gave us a pretty good snowfall at the beginning of March, we were promised what they rather unoriginally called "the Mini-beast from the east" a couple of weeks later. And it duly turned up on the night of 17th/18th March. The forecast had suggested it would peter out in the early hours, but it didn't, and when we opened the back door at 8.00 a.m. it was coming down in bucketfuls (see pic). Thawed somewhat during the day, but forecast suggests there's more to come overnight. We'll see!

Wiltshire Council's Waste Management dept are introducing a proof-of-address scheme at Wiltshire's recycling centres, which will of course include the Household Recycling Centre on Salisbury's Churchfields Industrial Estate. From the 9th April 2018, if you want to use any of the county's recycling centres you may be asked to provide proof of address, such as your driving licence, a county tax bill, or a utility bill. This policy is being introduced "to ensure that access to sites is protected for those people resident in the Wiltshire Council area. Dealing with waste is becoming increasingly expensive and as these sites are funded by Wiltshire Council tax payers we need to ensure that we do not incur costs associated with receiving waste from people from other council areas. People who do not pay their council tax to Wiltshire Council should use the sites provided in their own local authority area."

For more information, see the Salisbury Recycling Centre's web page, which includes links for downloading PDF files for summer and winter opening hours.

Wiltshire Council's Countryside Team is looking for volunteers to help look after the small area of green space at Highlands Way. Could you help them? This small wooded area is on the right hand side as you enter Highlands Way. It's excellent for nesting birds, and as it contains several fruit trees it is also a good food source for wildlife. Please contact them if you'd like to get involved as a volunteer–families also welcome–to help look after this site for wildlife and nature conservation. With no previous experience necessary and no long-term commitment required, this provides a great opportunity to get out and about, meet new people and gain new skills as you try your hand at a variety of fun conservation tasks.

Work would involve cutting back overhanging vegetation, keeping the path clear of nettles/brambles, and a litter pick. We'll also see whether the area would benefit from bird or bat boxes, and look at ways that we could enhance it further for wildlife. Our next Conservation Working Party dates are as follows: Thursday 15th February, Thursday 5th April, Thursday 30th August, Thursday 27th September.

Interested? Please contact the Countryside Team by emailing mailto:countryside@wiltshire.gov.uk<, or telephoning 01225-718647. The countryside team say a big thank you to the conservation volunteers that came along to help clear back vegetation and bring the area back under control before Christmas, we couldn't have done it without you!

As many residents may already know, the following announcement was made in the Clarendon Team churches a few weeks ago:

"The Bishop of Southwark has invited the Revd Nils Bersweden to be the Associate Vicar at St. Mary’s Wimbledon in the Diocese of Southwark. Nils will take responsibility for a pastoral portfolio to develop lay ministry, vocations and pastoral care at St Mary’s. The appointment is subject to the usual statutory checks, after which Nils will be licensed on 5th February 2018. Nils’s last service will be a Team Eucharist on 7th January at All Saints’ Winterslow."

According to Steeple & Street, that last service will be followed by a "Bring and Share" lunch in Winterslow Village Hall and if Nils or Judith have touched your lives, you may like to be there. According to the Clarendon Team's website the service will be at 10.00 am, but it may be a good idea to recheck that website closer to the time, or to check the January issue of Steeple & Street.

In a setting that's very different from the rural Clarendon parishes, St Mary's Wimbledon is an imposing and handsome Victorian church. It was designed by George Gilbert Scott, who was responsible for many well-known buildings in that era, including the Albert Memorial and the Foeign and Commonwealth Office. And for a piece of popular music trivia tenuously associated with St. Mary’s, click here.

This is just a reminder about the 100+ Club Christmas Celebration and Double Draw this Saturday (9th).

If you haven't yet bought your tickets at the shop, please either do that soon or or let us know by return if you'll be buying them on the door, as this will assist greatly in our catering arrangements.

For those of you who already have tickets, I'm sorry to clutter your inbox, thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday!.

John Herrett
for the Memorial Trust Trustees

The Trustees invite all Whiteparish residents and users of the Memorial Ground and Centre to attend the AGM on Saturday January 20th at 10:30 in the Cowesfield Room. The Whiteparish Memorial Trust is your charity, please attend to hear details of the Trust’s activities in 2017 and help shape the events planned in 2018.

For more information, including the AGM Agenda, click here

Looking a long way ahead, Wiltshire Council have launched a six-week consultation to "Help shape Wiltshire's plans to 2036", by gathering comments to feed into their Local Plan Review. The consultation period started on 7th November and closes at 5.00 pm on 19th December 2017. For more details, click here to see the Notification Letter.

 . . .say Wiltshire Police. For some Halloween-related advice sent out by Katrina Fleet (Police Communications Officer, Wiltshire), including some tips from Superintendent Phil Staynings, Head of Crime Prevention, click here. For a poster to display if you don't want to be Trick-or-Treated, click here.

If you wear an NHS hearing aid from Salisbury Hospital, you may be interested to know about a new "Hear to Help" walk-in hearing-aid clinic to be run on the third Friday of every month at Alderbury Village Hall between 1000 and 1130 am. Services and topics covered will include new batteries and earmould tubing; advice on using and cleaning your hearing aid, and information on hearing loss and the services that can help you. For full details, click here.

Wiltshire Council are currently running an online consultation about parking charges in the county. According to the Salisbury Journal ( 5th October) the council wants to increase parking charges by an average of 12%. So you may want to contribute to their consultation on the proposal by clicking here. The consultation period ends on 23rd November.

Anyone over 60, or over 18 and registered disabled, is elegible for online safety advice from the Wiltshire Bobby Van Stay Safe Online team of police-trained and vetted volunteers. For more details of what they can provide, and how you can book an appointment, click here.

Sarah Skeates of this year’s Winter Ball committee writes:
“Dear Memorial Centre Users,
Following last year’s very successful Winter Ball, raising nearly £2000 for the improvements to the play area (we hope you have seen the new equipment), The Whiteparish Memorial Trust is organising the second Winter Ball, at the Memorial Centre, on Saturday 2 December 2017.

The objective of the event is to raise funds to make improvements to the kitchen at the Memorial Centre.

If you are a Memorial Centre user or a club, group or organisation that uses the kitchen we hope you would like to support this event in some way. Following last year’s very popular raffle prizes of Christmas hampers we are repeating this again. We are asking for items to fill them. We wondered if you could donate items, either individually or as a group which would help us in this endeavour.

We would like biscuits, chocolates, crisps and crackers, wine, or anything suitable for a lovely Christmas hamper . . .”

For the whole of the Winter Ball committee’s letter, including details of how to donate hamper items, click here.

Wiltshire Council have announced that the Churchfields recycling depot (at the end of Stephenson Rd) in Salisbury will be closed for a ‘revamp’ between the 9th and 18th of November, inclusive. This is part of a rolling programme of work affecting many (possibly all?) of the recycling depots in the county. For more information, including which alternative recycling depots will be available while the Salisbury depot is being refurbished, click here.

Wiltshire Council's Sustainable Transport Group have announced that about 1.25km of the length of Moor Lane, from the junction with Grove Lane/Timberley Lane to near Titchborne Farmhouse, will be closed to all traffic for between two and five days, starting on 4th October 2017. For more details, click here to see Wilts Council's notification in full; and click here for a plan highlighting the affected section of road.

(From local charity "Carer Support Wiltshire".)
Mother, husband, grandmother, brother? Teacher, office manager, student, electrician? If you are looking after someone who couldn’t always manage without your help: someone with a physical disability, long term health condition, mental health issue or a problem with substance misuse, you may also be a carer.

Juggling a caring role around work, studying, seeing friends or spending time with other family members can be challenging. And sometimes it can feel lonely. Carer Support Wiltshire are a local charity supporting unpaid carers in Wiltshire. Our Carer Cafes and Support Groups are held throughout the county and offer information, advice and the opportunity to make new friends over a cuppa. Visit our website to find one near you or call us on 0800 181 4118 or 01380 871690 from a mobile for a copy of our "What’s On" guide.

Note: Whiteparish Surgery hosts a Carers’ Coffee Morning every other month, on a Saturday morning. For dates and times, check the Forthcoming Events lists in the website or Steeple & Street. At the time of writing, the next one will be in October 2017.

WILTSHIRE POLICE: "Operation Engage".
Officers in the South of the county have been taking part in an operation targeting rural crime and poaching.

As part of Operation Engage, two rural operations were run, in August and early September. Over 130 vehicles were stopped as part of the operations for various issues including vehicle defects.

Operation Engage aims to tackle rural crime in the county and saw officers involved from the local Community Policing Teams, Tri-Force, the volunteer Special Constabulary, Intel and further support from neighbouring forces Dorset and Hampshire police. Click here for more on this story  . . .

Today we received an email with the subject line "Your Virgin Media Bill is ready", apparently sent from a Virgin email address: webteam@virginmediaconnections.com, and the message content certainly did look like a bill. Except that we're not Virgin customers, Virgin hadn't sent it, and the message wasn't a bill, just a "phishing" expedition designed to get internet users to click on a link in the message. Clicking would have resulted (eventually) in downloading a trojan virus (in this case the Dridex banking trojan) that would have allowed the originators to access banking details from our computer.

Internet users with Virgin accounts will be more susceptible to this particular scam than other users, but the criminals who designed it are likely to target customers of other internet providers, too, using the same style of "bait". So the usual general advice applies: if you receive an email that you weren't expecting from an organisation you haven't dealt with before, and it contains links (or has an attachment), never click on the links or download the attachment unless you are absolutely certain that it's OK. Just delete it. Same goes for an email that seems to be from an organisation you have dealt with before. If there's anything remotely suspicious about it–for example unlikely amounts, awkward language, unfamiliar format, etc–delete it. Don't click on any links or buttons unless you're absolutely sure it's genuine–just delete. And never click on anything in an email from a suspicious or unknown source "just to see what happens!".

Wiltshire Council's Libraries and Heritage, Communities and Communications Dept are carrying out what they describe as a "routine review" of the county's mobile library routes and have asked for comments from Parish Councils and communities on the proposed mobile library schedules for our area. They want to "engage with as many people as possible who may wish to comment on the review".

The consultation documents are available to view online from the Wiltshire Libraries webpage at http://services.wiltshire.gov.uk/MobileLibrary/, and happily Whiteparish is unaffected by the changes: it seems that the mobile library will make the same stops here, at the same times, as before. (The nearest route change to us is a proposal to drop the stop at Alderbury School, Firs Road.) The consultation period is from 4th September to 4th November 2017, and the council hope to introduce revised routes in February 2018.

There is a need to take on the maintenance of our Rights of Way as Wiltshire Council do not have the resources to do so.

  • Do you like walking in our beautiful countryside?
  • Would you like to help improve, maintain and preserve our Rights of Way?

There will be a volunteer work party during September, most probably a Monday, and will involve clearing overgrown vegetation using hand tools along with installing a number of new kissing gates which the New Forest National Park Authority have very kindly funded. Details of the exact location will be given closer to the day. There are no particular skills required and any help will be much appreciated.

If you can spare a couple of hours, please contact the Parish Clerk, Maria Pennington, 01722 711858, maria.pennington456@btinternet.com

When all the pennies had been counted, this year's fete committee were very pleased to learn that the fete, hog roast and bands night had together made a profit of £8,453.08, which will be shared equally between the School and the Church. This was just a shade down on the total from the same events in 2016, but an excellent result all the same—many thanks to all those who contributed in any way. For a final report, click here. For some photos, click here.

We've added three new photo galleries to the website. They cover the 2017 Fete, which took place on 17th June, the Garden Club's visit to the garden at "Aviemore", in Bartley, on the 22nd June, and the Garden Club's annual "Garden and Hobbies show, staged in the Memorial Hall on the 19th August. Many thanks, as always, to Keith Hobbs for photographing the two Garden Club events.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Holden and Diana Borwick who won the first prizes in the June and July 100+ Club draws. The full results are here.

The prize fund has been slightly reduced following the fall in membership from 228 to 213. It is not too late to re-join or join for the first time. Details of the new prizes and how to join can be found here.

To help when you’re thinking of questions to ask, here are details of the panel:
Claire Perry, Minister for Climate Change and Industry, and MP for Devizes.
Barry Gardiner, Shadow International Trade Secretary.
Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat MP for Bath.
Julia Hartley-Brewer, radio presenter and journalist.

On 25th May the Garden Club visited the Bishop's Palace Gardens in Wells, Somerset, on what was evidently a beautiful spring day. Keith Hobbs took a fine collection of photos there, which you can see by clicking here.

It's just occurred to us that having reported the Unitary Council election results back in May, for completeness we probably ought to include the Salisbury Constituency results for the June 8th General Election as well. So, even though it’s not exactly new news any more, here they are! By the way, did you know that Nigel Farage once stood to be our MP? Well he did, back in 1997, when UKIP (founded in 1993) was still fairly new on the scene. (Thank you, Wikipedia . . .)

Party Candidate Votes % ±
Conservative John Glen 30,952 58.1% +2.5%
Labour Tom Corbin 13,619 25.5% +10.2%
Liberal Democrat Paul Sample 5,982 11.2% +1.2%
UKIP Dean Palethorpe 1,191 2.2% -9.9%
Green Brig Oubridge 1,152 2.2% -3.3%
Independent Arthur Uther Pendragon 415 0.8% -0.7%

The most recent Approved Parish Council Meeting Minutes (20th April 2017 meeting) and Notes (18th May Meeting) are now available on the website. Also added were the Parish Council accounts for 2016/2017.

Just in case you hadn’t noticed (as if  . . .) there’s a GENERAL ELECTION on Thursday 8th June. Don’t forget to vote for your candidate of choice to be our next Member of Parliament. The polling station (the Memorial Centre) will as usual be open for voting between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm.

Each year, many individuals and organisations in Whiteparish work together to stage our annual Village Fete and other associated events. The Fete is definitely one of the highlights, perhaps the highlight, of Whiteparish"s year; and profits go to benefit All Saints" Church and All Saints" Primary School.

This year's Fete will be held on Saturday 17th June, and the Fete Theme is: "Victorian Times". For more details of the Fete, the Hog Roast and Bands Night held on the evening of Friday 16th, and a celebration and picnic on Sunday 18th, see our Fete Page. (But please note that some arrangements for the fete and other events are still being finalised, so detailed contents may be subject to change.)

With the recent May draw bringing the current Club year to a close (results here) it is time for those of you who don't pay by standing order to buy your tickets for next year. Details of how to do so can be found here. If you are not yet a member and would like to support the village Memorial Centre, playground, etc then full details of how to join are here.

Lucky winner of the top (£30) prize in 100+ Club's May draw was Linda Palmer. Other prizewinners are listed on the 100+ Club page: click here.

The results of the May 4th 2017 election to choose a councillor to represent Alderbury and Whiteparish were as follows:

Candidate Party Votes Percent of vote
Britton, Richard Conservative 825 59.35%
Aymes, Gideon Bruce Independent 342 24.60%
Edrich, John Phillip Liberal Democrat 118 8.49%
Glennon-Alty, Kim Eleanor Labour 105 7.55%

(Turnout: 1,394 (41.04%). Spoiled votes: 4)

We've recently received accounts and some photos of two musical events from the first part of 2017. Berny Higgins was kind enough to provide a review of Richard Digance's "50 years in showbusiness" concert in February (click here), and the Whiteparish Music Festival committee kindly provided a review of their recent successful Festival events at the end of April (click here).

Click on the links below to see the following:
Approved Minutes for the 16th March 2017 meeting
Notes of the 20th April 2017 meeting.

 . . .for our representative on Wiltshire Council for the next four years. The polling station (the Memorial Centre) will be open for voting between 7.00 am and 10.00 pm.

The results of the April 2017 draw are now available on the 100+ Club page: click here. (Please note: re the first prize, lightning seems to have struck twice, and in two successive months. We're beyond embarrassed . . . !)



Richard Burr has sent a nice collection of photos (including the ones above) that he took on a recent walk. Our village has some spectacular wildflower displays at the moment which are easily found by using the village footpaths. Carpets of Bluebells, Primroses, Wood Anemones and even Early Purple Orchids can be seen along some of the paths. There are some more of Richard's photos in our Galleries section which you can see by clicking here.

All the photos were taken from Paths 10 and 35 in the village over the Easter weekend. Path 10 starts at the Parish Lantern, passes Blaxwell Farm and goes on to Park Water Road. Path 35 also runs from Park Water Road. There is a map of village paths on the website, which you can see by clicking here.

The fortnightly blue bin and black box recycling collections will be unaffected by the Bank Holiday on Good Friday (14th April); and will take place as for a normal Friday.

Wiltshire Council would like you to know about "a lot of changes" that they've made "to deliver the services that matter to you, in your community." To find out what they are, click here.

MUSIC FESTIVAL (22nd to 29th April).
The 2017 Whiteparish Music Festival will include four different events taking place over eight days at the end of April, featuring a "Come & Sing" day, a concert given by Whiteparish School Pupils, an instrumental concert with contributions from two local ensembles (Solent Accordians and the Courtyard Wind Quintet), and a concert of light and sacred music from Sarum Six (ex-cathedral choristers). For full details, see our Music Festival mini-site.

If you want to cast a vote in the Wiltshire Unitary Council Election on May 4th, 2017, and you're not yet registered to do so, there's still time—just! If you want to vote in person, you need to register by Thursday 13th April; for a postal vote, the deadline for receipt of new postal vote applications is Tuesday 18th April. In either case, you can register online via this page on the Wilts Council website. You can also see a list of candidates for our Alderbury and Whiteparish ward (pdf format) by clicking here.

To set your CLOCKS FORWARD on the night of Saturday 25th March (or, to be punctilious about it, at 0100 hours on Sunday morning!)

We're pleased to welcome the 100+ Club to the website's club and organisation pages. Each month the page will include the most recent Prize Draw winners. To see them for March 2017, click here. (Please note: there's nothing suspicious about the name of this month's winner! No inducements changed hands! Just, er, the luck of the draw and the purest coincidence . . .)


Monet Kim Thompson

March 2017 sees two local club meetings featuring painters—albeit from different eras and in different contexts. On Wednesday 15th (2.00 pm in the Cowesfield Room) well-known wildlife painter Kim Thompson will be the featured guest of the Breakaway Club. And on Thursday 23rd starting at 7.30 pm also in the Cowesfield Room, guest speaker Jennifer Carter will be telling the Garden Club all about "Monet's Home & Garden at Giverny". If you're interested in either of these talks, we understand that both clubs welcome visitors, but there may be a small fee for tea etc.

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Approved Minutes for the 12th January 2017 meeeting
Notes of the 16th February 2017 meeting.


image of memorial centre from car-park gate

In a way, despite appearances, it was the opposite of "military". We understand that the day, organised by the "Serve On" organisation, was an exercise in emergency planning, logistics, communications, etc for civil volunteers who would be called on to help in those areas, in the event of a major incident. However the tents that had appeared alongside the Memorial Centre on Saturday 25th February were government-supplied, which accounted for the military look. The "camp" was only in place for one day—by Sunday morning it had disappeared almost without trace.

Our intrepid reporter ventured onto the site after picking up the Saturday paper and was told she was the only villager to have taken much interest—up to that point, at least. (Perhaps Whiteparish folk in general are a bit short of curiosity on Saturday mornings?) Anyway, she was shown around and acted as a guinea pig for some of the procedures in use. The person in charge of the reception area was quite pleased to book in a real human, having been practicing until then by booking in lego models! We're hoping soon to include an official description of what the exercise was all about, but in the meantime there are a few photos in the galleries section.


hawfinch image

The other day we had a visit from a pair of birds that neither member of the website team had seen before: they turned out to be hawfinches, the largest member of the finch family to be found in the UK. According to the RSPB there are only something between 500 and 1000 breeding pairs here, though up to 15,000 individuals may be winter visitors, so they're quite rare—and rather shy. A very keen amateur ornithologist we know who's in his sixties has only ever seen one, and was quite envious! They are very handsome birds with rich chestnut plumage on their heads merging into a kind of pinky fawn elsewhere, and have massive, powerful, beaks that can crush seeds up to and including cherry stones.

We took a few photographs through the kitchen window. The large one above is the best of them, but because the bird was in deep shadow we lightened the image a bit–the inset photo gives a better idea of the rich brown head-plumage. Plumage can vary depending on whether the bird is male (slightly brighter) or female and whether or not it's the breeding season, but there's no mistaking that beak! If like us you live at the east end of the village down the A27, look out for this pair; perhaps they'll visit you next!

SOUTHERN WILTSHIRE: "Our Community Matters" community conference (JSA event)
(We've been asked to draw attention to the following event. Please note that if you want to attend, you need to apply; see link towards end of notice.)

On behalf of Southern Area Board, I am delighted to invite you to "Our Community Matters". This really important conference will present new information about the Southern Wiltshire community area and give everyone an opportunity to shape the way ahead for our communities.

Hear about what has changed in our community area in the last two years. The brand new Joint Strategic Assessment (JSA) will cover issues affecting our community area across health and wellbeing, community safety, the economy, transport, the environment, housing, older people, children and young people and culture. The assessment will allow us to see what has changed in our community area since 2014 so that we can decide what needs to change over the next two years.

Help shape the future of our community. This evidence presented in the JSA will help us decide how we can formulate local projects to address local challenges and we need to hear your views about priorities and how we can work together to make the Southern Wiltshire community area a better place in which to live and work and to visit.

Please come along:
Thursday 16th February 2017 at City Hall, Salisbury, SP2 7TU. Doors open at 6.30pm and the event starts at 7.00pm. Refreshments will be available. Sign up to come here. Attendance is by invitation to ensure we have a mix of people and organisations in the room to inform decisions and identify actions to tackle the issues facing the area. Our community really does matter and I do hope you will take part.

Richard Britton
Chairman, Southern Area Board

As you probably already know if you live in the village, the King's Head is currently for sale and it is possible it could become a residential property, in which case it would be lost to the village as a pub forever. Most villagers will also know about a current initiative to try to raise funding to buy the King's Head and run it as a community pub. If by any chance you didn't get the initial flyer and questionnaire about the project, you can still get one from the village store, the school, or Courtens garden centre–the closing date for submitting completed questionnaires, by "posting" them at those same venues, has been extended (subject to permission) until the 28th January.

The steering group have organised a public meeting to be held in the Memorial Hall on Sunday 29th January at 3.00 pm, where there will be presentations about the project, including initial findings derived from the questionnaires. If you'd like to see the King's Head re-open as a pub, please come to the meeting, where you will be able to buy a glass of er, something appropriate…. In the meantime, you can find out much more about the project background and aims by visiting its website: www.savethekingshead.org.uk.




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