Whiteparish Parish Council
Contacts: Maria Pennington (Parish Clerk), tel 01722-711858, email maria.pennington456@btinternet.com; Trevor King (Parish Council Chairman), tel 01794-884129
Parish Council Meetings

With effect from the 6th March 2014, meetings will be held in the new Memorial Centre, generally at intervals of around six weeks, at 7.30 pm—on any day of the week, as scheduled. Villagers are welcome to attend for any reason.

2018 Meeting Dates

2018 Meetings
Held in Whiteparish Memorial Centre, 7.30 pm

Tuesday 16th January
Tuesday 20th February
Tuesday 27th March–Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 1st May–Annual General Meeting
Tuesday 5th June
Tuesday 10th July
Tuesday 21st August
Tuesday 25th September
Tuesday 30th October
Tuesday 4th December
Tuesday 8th January 2019

Parish Council

Members List (listed alphabetically by surname)—effective from 31st October 2018

Name Address (all Whiteparish) Phone (all 01794) E-mail address
Mrs J Bell Church Barn, Common Road, SP5 2SU  884371 julie.bell.jbe@gmail.com School Liaison, Conservation, Highways, Planning.
Mr H Francis Avonlea,
Hop Gardens, SP5 2SS
885920 hugh.francis@aviva.com Finance, Planning.
Mr M Hayday Meadowside, Newton Lane, SP5 2QQ 884110 mike.hayday@btinternet.com VICE CHAIRMAN
Community Speed Watch, Whiteparish Memorial Trust, Planning, CATG
Mr J Herrett Tod’s Hole, Common Road, SP5 2SU 884381 johngherrett@yahoo.com Rights of Way/Commons, Whiteparish Memorial Trust, Area Board, Planning.
Mr T P King Moonrakers, Brickworth Road,
SP5 2QG 
884129 trevorpaxtonking@gmail.com CHAIRMAN
Finance, Educational Foundation Trust, Area Board, Planning.
Mrs L Palmer 58 Highlands Way,
884737 palmerlinda@hotmail.co.uk New Forest, Finance, Educational Foundation Trust, Area Board, Planning.
Mr L Randall The Stables, Cowesfield Green,
884929 leo.randall.home@gmail.com Blackwater Conservation Project, Planning. 
Mr N Sutherland 2 The White Hart,
Romsey Road,
SP5 2RG 
884358 neil@thesutherlands.org.uk Youth Liaison, Highways, Planning.

(CATG = Community Area Transport Group)


Maria Pennington Birchley, Chapel Hill, West Grimstead, Salisbury SP5 3SJ 01722 711858 maria.pennington456@btinternet.com

Meeting Reports and Other Documents

The following meeting reports etc can be viewed/downloaded from this page. Please note that as from the 8th December 2016 meeting, both abbreviated notes/reports AND fuller, approved, meeting minutes can be downloaded. If you wish to view previous minutes, please contact the Chairman or the Parish Clerk.

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