Whiteparish Garden Club
Chair: Karon Dyson, tel 884032

The Garden Club meets at 7.30 pm every fourth Thursday of the month in the Memorial Centre, unless otherwise stated. We always welcome new members (£10.00 per annum) and should you wish to come on a one-off visit, the fee is £2.00 (although different charges may apply for visits and events) which includes tea/coffee and biscuits. Club members benefit from a 10% discount at Courtens Garden Centre in the village and discounted seed/bulb orders

Listed below is the Garden Club's programme for 2017, with the usual selection of talks on some interesting subjects, together with two good visits. In June we have a plant stall at Whiteparish Fete and shall be very grateful for any plants you can spare on the day for sale to replenish Club funds.

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For photos of some of our recent activities in the website's Galleries section, click here.

Date Subject/Activity Presenter
26th January "Hunting Wild Cannas in Argentina " Mr & Mrs Hayward
23rd February "Planning & Planting for the Year Ahead" Steve Austin
23rd March "Monet's Home & Garden at Giverny" Jennifer Carter
27th April Joint meeting in the Main Hall with Alderbury Garden Club; Herbacious Perennials  
Sat 13th May Plant Sale; 09:30 to 12:00  
25th May Day Outing to Bishop's Palace Gardens nr Wells Cathedral  
Sat 17th June Club Stall at Whiteparish Fete  
22nd June Evening Visit to "Aviemore" (home of Sandy and Alex Robinson), nr Lyndhurst, 6–8 pm
£3.50 pp including tea/coffee/biccy. Under NGS all donations go to charity (mainly cancer)
27th July Barbecue–Venue yet to be arranged  
Sat 19th August Garden & Hobbies Show  
28th September "Wildlife Around Salisbury" (60 mins) John Notman
26th October "Idyllic Italian Gardens" Rosemary Legrand
23rd November AGM  
28th January "Joseph Paxton at Chatsworth" Rosina Brandham
MEETING REPORT: 26th October 2017

The October meeting was held on the 26th. Our chairman welcomed the speaker, Rosemary Legrand, who enthused about idyllic Italian gardens. She is president of the international society of the Rhododendron, Camellia and Magnolia Group of the Royal Horticultural Society, and was keen to point out many wonderful examples of these groups of plants in her slide show.

She conjured up Spring in Italy with visits to various villas and a tour of their gardens. They were mostly in northern Italy around Lakes Maggiore and Como where there is an excellent climate. The elegant town of Pallanza looks out over Lake Maggiore and from there you can see the Alps. We saw cherry blossom against a blue sky. Villa Taranto in Palanza is known worldwide for its botanical gardens. We saw a giant dawn redwood, tree ferns, tulips planted in a sinuous design, camellias, rhododendrons, an orangery with pool etc.

We then visited several other villas with beautiful gardens in the area. All very beautiful and some used for wedding receptions etc. We thanked Rosemary for her tour of Italy, many of us planning to visit the area!

As usual, there is no meeting in December. Our January meeting will be a talk on Joseph Paxton at Chatsworth.

MEETING REPORT: 28th September 2017

Our chairman welcomed the speaker, John Notman, who is vice-president of the Salisbury and District Natural History Society. His topic was an exploration of some of the stunning flora and fauna which can be found within a 25-mile radius of Salisbury.

He grouped the animals and plants under five different habitats. The ‘jewel’ in Salisbury’s crown is the chalk downland – made up of acid lowland heath. Prime examples are Martin Down and Pepperbox Hill. His wonderful slides showed and named orchids, butterflies, spiders, brown hares among many, many others.

Hedges and roadsides, heathland (New Forest), wetlands and woodlands were the remaining habitats and here again followed an astonishing show of birds, wild flowers, fungi, animals, snakes and dragonflies. The quality and range of the slides was amazing and we all truly appreciated the work and dedication that must have gone into the slide show.

Earlier in the month some members took advantage of a one-day free entry to RHS Wisley garden which is a benefit of Whiteparish Garden Club’s membership of the Royal Horticultural Society. It was a wet day but possible to dodge the showers and was enhanced by their annual flower show. Those who made the effort to go, despite the weather, were very glad they did and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The November meeting is on the 23rd and will be the Annual General Meeting followed by our usual get together. No meeting in December.

2017 GARDEN & HOBBIES SHOW: Cupwinners
Children—Udal Challenge Cup: retained by Naomi White. Well done Naomi!
Vegetables CupWinner: Stella Gardener, Cup Holder: Sarah Skeates
Ings Fruit Cup: Hugh Bernhard
Flowers Cup: Janet Sherwin
Dahlia Shield: Malvin Ward
Bryan Rose Bowl:Winner: Keith Hobbs, Cup Holder: Stella Gardener
John Lear Memorial Cup for Floral Decoration: Sarah Skeates
Kate Roberts Plate: Sarah Skeates
Cookery/Preserves Cup: Stella Gardener
Star Baker (Victoria Sandwich): Dawn Nichols
Handicraft Cup: Patricia Pavey
Art Cup: Priscilla Burnard
RHS Banksian Medal: Janet Sherwin
Wort Cup/Overall Winner: Sarah Skeates
Largest Marrow: Craig Dyson

(For a gallery of photos that Keith Hobbs took at the show, click here.)
2016 GARDEN & HOBBIES SHOW: Cupwinners
Vegetables cup: Stella Gardener
lngs Fruit Cup: Mary Dayeh
Flowers Cup: Helen Randall
Dahlia Shield: Karon Dyson
Bryan Rose Bowl: Keith Hobbs
John Lear Memorial Cup: Brenda Long and Sarah Skeates
Kate Roberts Plate: Brenda Long
Cookery Cup: Sarah Skeates
Handicraft Cup: Margaret Hargreaves
Art Cup: Keith Weymouth
Udal Perpetual Cup (children): Naomi White
RHS Banksian Medal: Margaret Hargreaves
Wort Cup (overall winner): Margaret Hargreaves
2016 GARDEN & HOBBIES SHOW: Chairwoman Karon Dyson's Speech
Karon started by wishing everybody a good afternoon, welcoming them to the 120th Whiteparish Show and (for those who didn't know her) introducing herself as the chairwoman of the Garden Club. She also warmly welcomed her predecessor as chairman—Colin Iles—who was shortly to present the awards.

Pointing out that a lot of hard work went on behind the scenes to put on the show, she went on to thank everyone involved in any way in enabling the show to take place. As she explained, it had been a real team effort involving not only the "amazing" committee, but Garden Club members, partners and friends. A special mention went to Langdon Nichols for his computer skills.

Karon also thanked everyone who had entered the show—because without them there would be no show! Apparently 2016 had seen 370 entries across all classes—the most since 2004! It had been good to see new faces and she had been amazed at the response to the Lemon Drizzle cake class, which was obviously a favourite around Whiteparish! The star baker and "Lemon Drizzle Queen" was Sue King. Another new class for 2016 had been "the longest runner bean"—a suggestion from the previous year. She invited us to let the club know of any suggestions for other new ideas to try next year.

Karon reminded cup winners to complete an information slip and return it with the cup before leaving, so that she could order the engraving and return the cups to their winners as early as possible.

Finally, she handed over to Colin, who had stood down last year after many years as chairman. As Karon said, he had been a hard act to follow; but she thought it might be handy to have him here on the day so he could keep an eye on her and on proceedings!
The full schedule for the 2016 Garden and Hobbies Show to be held on 20th August is included as usual in the August issue of Steeple & Street. However, if you don't have a copy, you can download a reproduction of the schedule by clicking here.

  A hand-knitted or crochet item   A piece of tapestry or needlepoint
  A hand-made toy (any material)   Handicraft (wood, metal, pottery)
  A piece of patchwork and/or quilt   Hand-made jewellery
  A hand-made greeting card   A piece of cross-stitch or embroidery
  A painting "Birds"   A photograph—Animal Habitat
  A drawing "A Basket of Fruit "   A photograph—A Happy Moment
  A collage—Any subject    
Children’s Section
Under Eight
Eight to Thirteen
  Picture of an "The Queen"   A Picture of a Royal Occasion
  3 Jam Tarts (home-made)   Three decorated Royal Cupcakes
  A hand-knitted or crochet item   A piece of tapestry or needlepoint
  A hand-made toy (any material)   Handicraft (wood, metal, pottery)
  A piece of patchwork and/or quilt   Hand-made jewellery
  A hand-made greeting card   A piece of cross-stitch or embroidery
  A painting "A Seascape "   A collage—any subject
  A drawing "A Wheelbarrow "   A photograph—Fungi
  A photograph—A Rose    
Children’s Section
Under Eight
Eight to Thirteen
  Picture of an owl   A Picture of a Church
  2 Gingerbread Men (home-made)   Three decorated cupcakes
  A flower arrangement in a jam jar   A small flower arrangement in a basket
  Children's Cup & Udal Perpetual   Challenge Cup   Logan Harms
  Ings Fruit Cup   Mrs Veronica Iles
  Vegetable Cup   Mrs Stella Gardener
  Flower Cup   Mr Brian Hucker
  Gilbert Dahlia Shield   Mr Brian Hucker
  Bryan Rose Bowl   Mr Keith Hobbs
  Floral Decoration Cup & John Lear Memorial Cup
  Mrs Brenda Long   
  Preserves & Cookery   Mr Brian Hucker
  Art Cup   Mrs Wendy Hedley
  Handicraft Cup   Mrs Veronica Iles
  Sir Alfred & Lady Wort Cup for exhibitor gaining most points   Mrs Stella Gardener
  RHS Banksian Medal   Mrs Stella Gardener
  A hand-knitted or crochet item   A piece of tapestry or needlepoint
  A hand-made toy (any material)   Handicraft (wood, metal, pottery)
  A piece of patchwork and/or quilt   Hand-made jewellery
  A hand-made greeting card   A piece of cross-stitch or embroidery
  A painting "An Abstract"   A collage—any subject
  A drawing "A Still Life"   A photograph—A gate or entrance
  A photograph—Tree/s    
Children’s Section
  An animal made from vegetables   A garden in a standard seed tray (14 x 9 in.)
  A picture of a horse   Three decorated biscuits
  A small flower arrangement (A4 size)   A collage—any subject

We awoke to sunshine on August 29th and that is how the day continued for our annual Flower and Hobbies Show. Once again it was well supported with familiar faces and some new competitors. The usual hurly burly took place with entrants dashing around to get their exhibits ready for judging. The red and cream display tables were duly transformed into an array of colour and texture.

When the doors reopened at 2:30pm anxious exhibitors returned to see how they had fared. There were looks of great delight and, of course, some of disappointment, but the good thing is it is simply a fun day. Nick Gilbert (of dahlia fame) kindly presented the cups to our prize winners and also generously donated a shield to be awarded for the most points gained in the dahlia section.

Listed below are the successful winners, so congratulations to you all. We would like to thank all those people who took part, especially the judges who gave their time so willingly to make our show the success it was. A special thank you also to the donators of raffle prizes, their generosity is much appreciated.

Veg & Fruit Vegetables Cup Colin Iles Stella Gardener Kate Roberts
Dahlias Dahlia Shield Brian Hucker Sue Tanner  
Flowers Flowers Cup Brian Hucker Brenda Long Keith Hobbs
Floral Decoration John Lear Memorial Cup Wendy Hedley Hocking, Skeats, Long  
Preserves & Cookery Cookery Cup Sarah Skeats Dawn Nichols Sue King
Handicrafts Handicraft Veronica Iles Dorothy Hobbs Jan Allerton
Art Art Cup Wendy Hedley S Burr Keith Hobbs
Children Udal Perpetual Challenge Cup Charlotte Iles    
Roses Bryan Rose Bowl Keith Hobbs    
  RHS Banksian Medal Colin Iles    
  Wort Cup Stella Gardener    

Our annual Flower and Hobbies Show will soon be upon us. On Saturday August 29th we look forward to welcoming lots of exhibitors with their produce, flowers and crafts. Class cards will once again be available on Friday evening in the Village Hall between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. Below is a reminder of some of the categories that require preparation before the show, so do get busy!

Handicraft Classes:

71. Hand-knitted or crochet item
72. Hand-made toy; any material
73. Piece of patchwork and/or quilting
74. Hand-made greeting card
75. Piece of tapestry, needlepoint, cross-stictch, or embroidery
76. Handicraft (wood, metal, pottery)
77. Hand-made jewellery.

Children's Section
91. An animal made from a vegetable
93. A picture of a castle
95. A small flower arrangement

Art Classes:

81. A painting "A View from a Window"
82. A drawing "A Garden Gate"
83. A collage - anysubject
84. A photograph "Water"
85. A photograph "A sporting activity"

92. A garden on a tray (A4 size max)
94. Three decorated cup cakes (home-made)
96. A collage, any subject (A4 size max)

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