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Wiltshire Police's Head of Contact Management, Chief Inspector Charlie Armstrong, said: "Changing our non emergency contact number to 101 makes it much easier for people to contact us. It is easy to remember and will be used by all forces across the country by the beginning of 2012. "We are constantly looking for ways to build on and improve our service to the public and this change is a positive one that we are confident will be welcomed by our communities."

Wiltshire Police Authority Chairman, Christopher Hoare, said: "The introduction of 101 provides the public of Wiltshire and Swindon with an easier number to remember for contacting Wiltshire Police. Calls to 101 are automatically directed to the nearest police force, so I can assure the public that calls from Wiltshire will be answered by Wiltshire Police staff."

Calls to 101 cost 15p per call, irrespective of how long that call may last. This applies to landlines and mobile phones. People with hearing or speech impairments are able to use the non emergency textphone number 18001 101.

The 101 number should be used for all non emergencies such as: reporting a crime, contacting local officers, getting crime prevention advice, making an appointment with a police officer or making us aware of policing issues in your area. It does not replace 999, which should be used in an emergency, such as when a crime is in progress, when there is danger to life or when violence is being used or threatened.

Police Cover for Whiteparish

Neighbourhood Officer for our area: PC Rachel Gunn
PCSOs: Jenny Moss and John Taylor

Phone (non-emergency number): 101, ext 77433961.
Email: SalisburyAreaCPT@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

The following are extracts from bulletins that Community Beat Officers have sent us. Some were compiled a few years ago, but we think it's a pretty safe bet that most of the advice they contain on safeguarding persons, vehicles, and property is just as valid now as when the bulletins were first released.

Lock up — safe and sound

The spring weather is encouraging us all to spend as much time as possible outside either in the back garden or catching up with friends on the front door step. The sunshine makes us want to open the windows and let the breeze blow away the traces of winter.

Wiltshire Police want to remind people that unlocked doors and open windows can be a gift to opportunist burglars. There has been a recent increase in such crime which is being actively policed by high visibility patrols and detailed investigations. Residents can help prevent becoming a victim themselves by following the advice below. By remembering to lock front and back doors and not leaving accessible windows open in unoccupied rooms it will reduce the chance of a “walk in” burglary taking place. Thieves will often target UPVC doors because they have a 'double lock' system which means that when the door is closed it is not necessarily locked. Once inside handbags, wallets and car keys are usually easy to find and the burglary can take seconds rather than minutes. When going out, securely lock all doors and windows – no matter what the temperature and no matter how long you intend to be away. ‘Just popping across the road for a minute’ or ‘just nipping down the shop’ is ample time for a criminal to strike.

Do be a nosey neighbour – tell us if you see anyone acting suspiciously in or around premises in your neighbourhood, and if possible, take the registration numbers of any unusual vehicles in your area.

Don’t approach any suspicious persons – tell us about them with as much detail as possible, and try to include personal descriptions, and what clothes they were wearing.

Detective Sergeant Andy Beaven said: 'We live in a very safe part of the country with a very low burglary rate but there are still people who will enter your home to steal given the opportunity. It's important that the public take a good look around their homes to see if they can identify possible entry points. If they can see any - then an opportunist thief will also spot them. Generally thieves like the easy option, so simple efforts like making sure that doors and windows are secure when you go to bed will put them off. Burglaries also happen during the day so if, for example, you are in the back garden, lock the front door. Simple advice but often forgotten.'

For more information on how to improve your home security please contact the local Crime Reduction Officers or your Neighbourhood Policing Team on 0845 408 7000.

Neighbourhood Watch Bulletin February 2009


 At a recent meeting of our local Neighbourhood Tasking Group the following local Policing Priorities were identified for the forthcoming period –

  • Speeding in the village of Whiteparish. Targeting the area between the Village Hall and Meadow Court.
  • NHW revitalisation. This ongoing priority is overseeing the systematic revitalisation of the NHW schemes across the area.
  • Community Reassurance in the village of Landford. Following on from the work carried last year.

Anti social behaviour in Alderbury

 In recent weeks there has been a marked increase in the amount of anti social behaviour in and around Spiders Island in Alderbury. The anti social behaviour consists of littering, minor criminal damage, abusive behaviour to residents and trespassing in gardens. The team are visiting residents in company with Salisbury District Council Anti Social Behaviour reduction officer and distributing further reporting cards for the Home watch scheme as well as SDC literature. In order to tackle this problem we need your help. We need reports of when, where and who is causing the problems so we can target them effectively. These reports can be anonymous but the more information the better. Reporting cards can be dropped off at the police station in the letterbox. Not only the full weight of the law can be brought to bear for any disclosed offences but Salisbury District Council can become involved if appropriate.


To report a crime, or incident requiring police attendance, phone Wiltshire Police on 0845 408 7000.
In an emergency, always phone 999.
For non urgent enquiries call 0845 408 7000 ext 742511.
If there is no reply on this extension it doesn't mean that no-one is on duty; We prioritize visible patrol wherever possible. Our switchboard can tell you if an NPT member is on duty and can take a message for us to contact you. You can also email us with non-urgent enquiries as follows.

Don’t forget we still have Police post boxes at:

  • Winterslow Post Office
  • Pitton Post Office
  • West Dean Village Hall
  • Whiteparish Post Office
  • Landford Post Office

Local Crime Reports (by Parish)

The list below gives a summary of recent local crimes, organised by Parish. It is not possible to list all crimes due to confidentiality issues (e.g. violent crime, domestic disputes etc). This list covers the period 20/01/09 – 20/02/09


21/01- Possession of controlled drug – Male arrested.


No reported crime in this period.

Farley / Pitton

22/01- Non dwelling burglary – Power tools stolen from shed.

30/01- Theft – 5 bar gate stolen from outside property.


17/02- Criminal damage – Offenders have driven on field and cut fencing to gain access.


18/02- Attempt non dwelling burglary – offenders attempted to gain access to property, damage caused.

West Dean

09/02- Attempt non dwelling burglary – damage caused to garage, no items stolen


22/01- 2x Non dwelling burglaries – Farm machinery stolen.

27/01- Theft – barbed wire stolen from yard.

05/02- Non dwelling burglary – Wood burner stolen.

07/02- Non dwelling burglary – Flue stolen.


25/01- Attempt non dwelling burglary – damage caused, no items stolen.

31/01- Non dwelling burglary – garage entered electrical equipment stolen.

10/02 - Non dwelling burglary – disused public house entered, stereo stolen.

20/02- Criminal damage to Motor vehicle – offender has damaged vehicle, enquiries ongoing.


Burglary Alert!!

We are experiencing a series of linked dwelling burglaries across the rural area of South Wiltshire. Offenders appear to be identifying and targeting properties which are unoccupied for a few days or more. They are then forcing an entry, normally via a rear garden or access point and stealing jewellery and silverware. We would urge all NHW members to inform neighbours and police when their house is unoccupied for any length of time and where possible arrange for a friend/ relative or neighbour to check the house on a regular basis. Particular care should be taken to avoid obvious signs that the house is empty – i.e. build up of mail/ papers at front door/ curtains permanently open or closed. If a house is to be left unoccupied for any length of time, consideration should be given to removing valuable jewellery and other items to a place of safety where they will not easily be found during a casual search.

If you require security advice or any other crime prevention advice then you can contact the Community Affairs Department at Salisbury Police Station on 0845 4087000.


This bulletin was prepared by Pc 1594 Henry Clissold – if you would like to be included on the distribution list please send an email to – alderburynpt@wiltshire.pnn.police.uk

Advice for dog-owners . . .

For all dog owners and walkers of the area—following a request from Whiteparish Parish Council, please find below a brief reminder of responsible dog walking.

When on any enclosed land with sheep all dogs must be on a lead or 'under close control'. If you allow your dog to worry livestock you can be prosecuted and fined, ordered to pay compensation and even have the dog destroyed. Worrying livestock means attacking or chasing any farm animal or poultry - there does not have to be any contact. It also states that the farmer is not liable to compensate the dog's owner in such circumstances. Any dog which is not a working dog can be regarded as worrying livestock merely by being off lead or not under close control in a field or enclosure where there are sheep. A landowner could shoot such a dog, if it can be proved that the action was necessary to protect livestock and that it was reported to the police within 48 hours. The dog's owner can then be subject to all the above penalties too - except being shot, of course. On a right of way your dog does not have to be on a lead but it does have to be 'under close control'. This phrase is not defined but pretty much means that if you are in a field with animals or poultry and your dog will not always come, straight away, when called even when he's chasing things, and then stay there, he could be at risk of being seen to worry animals. So if there is any chance he might go off then the lead is the best option until you are out of the field with livestock in it.

A person in charge of a dog must remove the faeces straight away if the dog has defecated in an area where the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 applies. Otherwise they are contravening the Law and could be subject, on conviction, to a penalty of up to £1000. Responsible dog walkers will already be aware of this but as the weather gets better it is a timely reminder to us all. I don't mean to scare you all but I would rather remind you of this than have to deal with the aftermath of any such incident.

Henry Clissold

Looking after those presents . . .

Now that we have finished off the last mince pie and made one final turkey sandwich our thoughts turn to the array of presents that are strewn around us. I hate to spread concern but I’m sure you are all aware that burglars know that we all have new things in our house at this time of year. So I urge you all to mark your new property appropriately, there are a number of ways this can be done.

  • Electronic Engraver
  • Hammer and Punches (Alpha and Numeric)
  • Permanent Ultra Violet Pens
  • Scribers
  • Permanent Ink Pens

Householders should mark their valuables so that if it is stolen, it makes it more difficult for the offender to dispose of the property and far more likely that they will be convicted if caught in possession of stolen goods. Owners should also record the serial numbers of their property, take photographs and place those details in a safe place or onto an approved secure database as this also assists police officers to quickly identify potential stolen property which can then be returned to the owner. The other option is to save them onto your computer with the relevant information stored in a file with the photograph.

Postcoding is the main recognised format of property marking. The householder should use their postcode and house number to identify their home. Eg. SN12 6QQ 12

Security marking and registration schemes should act as a deterrent and aid recovery by providing a straight forward means of verifying true ownership. Marking should be overt to act as a deterrent therefore the use of engraving; punching or permanent ink is a good idea. Where Ultra Violet pens are used a warning label acts as a deterrent and also helps to identify the method of marking.

Useful property registration websites are;
Immobilise - https://www.immobilise.com/
Bike Register - http://www.bikeregister.com/

(Other property registration sites are available!)

Happy New Year!
PC Henry Clissold & PCSO Bill Parr

Seasonal Advice: Christmas 2008

For some sound advice about crime-beating precautions to take during the Christmas season (and at other times of the year, in smany cases), click here.

For a downloadable Wiltshire Police poster about marking your Christmas gifts (and other property) to improve the chances of recovery if they are stolen, click here.

New Police Website

Wiltshire police website is relaunched! The new design makes it more accessible to all members of our society, easier to navigate through and obtain information quickly, without the need for downloads or special software. It has revolutionised the way people with visual impairments or learning difficulties can access vital information, using a specially adapted Textic toolbar to cater for their requirements. This customised toolbar includes a variety of functions such as breakthrough text-to-speech technology - 'Talklets', allowing text to be spoken out in a natural voice and in real time. Information can also be translated into a variety of languages common to Wiltshire and will incorporate Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Hindi, Romanian, Polish, and Portuguese.

The Neighbourhood policing team pages remain largely unchanged with local information and contact points on the area page. People will have the option to save information from the webpage as an MP3 and transfer it to any audio playing device such as an iPod or mobile phone for listening on the move, which gives the site a new and interesting tool for people to play with.

The reporting crime feature has also been improved, other features soon to be available will be the facility for users to apply for jobs online and check the status of their application, the capacity to accept online payments, enabling the public to pay for items such as firearms licenses.

Visit the new and improved site at www.wiltshire.police.uk

Theft of Domestic Heating Oil

Wiltshire police have recently seen an increase in the theft of household heating oil from tanks. This type of theft is becoming more desirable due to the increasing global prices of oil, along with easy access to the storage containers which are usually housed in people’s gardens.

Crime Reduction Officer, Claire Rooney from Wiltshire Police said "Many homes, especially those in rural locations throughout Wiltshire are served by this form of heating, and their oil is stored in large tanks in the garden, with the average oil tank costing £1000 to fill, I would urge anyone with an oil tank to take some basis crime prevention measures"

Crime Prevention Measures

  • Ensure the tank is as out of sight as possible, if you are unable to do this camouflage as best you can
  • Conceal exterior pipe work
  • Padlock the filler caps if possible
  • Keep front gates to your property shut and any side gates locked
  • Check your tank regularly and report anything suspicious to your local police as soon as possible
  • A metal cage can be used to protect the tap
  • Install security lighting
  • Ensure that you have adequate insurance cover

Anyone with information is urged to contact Salisbury Police. If you require any further information on Crime Prevention, please contact the Community Affairs Department at Salisbury Police Station 0845 408 7000

BluesnZuZ Disco Initiative

Bluez 'n' Zuz is an exciting new initiative that has been launched by Wiltshire Police. A disco is held once every month, and all young people between the ages of 11 and 16 are invited. The scheme has been running for over a year in the north of the county and the Salisbury event has been running since January 2008. For a sample poster, click here.

In April, 112 people attended the event at the Salisbury Football Club, accompanied by Police Community Support Officers. The Disco was laid on by Dusk 2 Dawn who played the latest music and made sure the dance floor was full all evening. PCSOs and Police Officers were on hand to ensure everyone had fun in a safe environment and joined in with the dancing!

A number of local businesses have provided prizes for competitions happening throughout the evening. These have included in the past an Ipod, a mobile phone, a Wii Console and CD vouchers. These were gratefully received by the best dancers.

It is hoped that giving young people in the area events such as this to look forward to and attend, that we will begin to see a reduction in the anti social behaviour as whole.

The next Bluez 'n' Zuz will be held at Salisbury City Football Club on Thursday 22nd May starting at 7pm. Remember, everyone between the ages of 11 and 16 is invited! I am in the process of trying to organise some transportation from the Alderbury NPT area but we need to publicise it in the first instance to gain the interest prior to sourcing the transport!

Local Crime Alert—What You Can Do

In the 30 days to 16th April '08, Whiteparish suffered three "non-dwelling burglaries" and two thefts. PC Clissold passed on the following advice from Crime reduction officers in Salisbury.

  • Always close and lock the external doors and windows of your home even if you are just going out for a short time.
  • It is recommended that all exterior doors be fitted with a minimum 5 lever mortise lock conforming to BS3621, or with a rim deadlock. This will be a requirement of most home insurance policies.
  • Patio doors should be fitted with an anti-lift device and preferably two door locks to support the hook lock.
  • Don't leave door keys in locks, and keep house and car keys out of sight and out of reach of letterboxes.
  • Fit a 'spy hole' to allow you to see who is at the door—remember Stay Out Stranger and do not open to door to people you do not know and are not expecting.
  • Fit and use window locks, keeping the keys out of sight.
  • Visible burglar alarms, good lighting and carefully directed security lighting are all good crime prevention measures.
  • Keep garages and sheds locked. This will not only prevent your tools being stolen, but also prevent them being used to gain entry to your home.
  • Keep an inventory of all items of value with serial numbers where appropriate. Permanently mark all property of monetary or sentimental value. This not only acts as a deterrent, but will enable police to return any stolen items they may recover.
  • For help and advice, please contact the Crime Reduction Officers on 0845 408 7000.

“Vehicle 25” Vehicle Security Scheme

Statistics show that 77% of victims of vehicle theft are over 25 years of age. Over 90% of car thieves are under 25years old, and a considerable number of vehicles are taken during the hours of midnight and 5am.

Salisbury Police have launched “Vehicle 25”, a campaign aimed at providing the owners of vehicles which are driven exclusively by people over 25 years of age and don’t generally go out late at night or early in the morning added protection for the vehicles. To take part, an "Over 25" sticker should be obtained and fixed to the rear windscreen of a vehicle. In the event that the vehicle is seen by a Police Officer and is being driven by someone that appears to be under this age, and between the hours of midnight and five in the morning, the vehicle will be stopped and checked.

This scheme is particularly aimed at people over the age of 25 as they are statistically less likely to be car thieves.

“Vehicle 25” follows a very successful campaign in Salisbury following a rise if theft of and from cars in the area.

Crime Reduction officer, Claire Rooney said “We are extremely pleased that figures for vehicle crime are getting lower, we have had a team of dedicated officers working on this operation and their efforts and the assistance of the public have reaped rewards. However, we do not want to be complacent and the launch of Vehicle 25 is part of an ongoing crime reduction strategy to ensure that the people of Salisbury and South Wiltshire play their part in assisting us to reduce car crime and the likelihood of them becoming a victim in the future.

The scheme is being launched in conjunction with Spire FM on March 17 th. Representatives from Spire FM and the Police Crime Reduction team will be out and about every Saturday at various locations in the Salisbury area. At these events the public will be able to obtain their sticker and obtain any further crime reduction advice they might need.

Stickers can also be obtained from;

  • PC Henry Clissold Beat Manager for Alderbury
  • Spire FM studios, City Hall, Salisbury
  • By post from Claire Rooney, 01722 435210 (leave a message giving your name, address and postcode)
  • Salisbury Police Station


November 2007: Christmas is Coming !

The festive season is fast approaching and it’s time for me to remind you all of the perils of office parties and the cursed drink driving. Every year we attend accidents on the roads in our area during the festive season and unfortunately some do occur as a result of over indulgence. If you are attending an office / works party or even a social gathering within the village, THINK. Nominate a driver, book a taxi or even walk! It is not worth taking the chance not only with your safety but the safety of other road users.

I'm happy to be able to introduce our new PCSO as Bill PARR, he joined us at the end of October and is already getting out about meeting everyone. If you see him around, do stop to say hello and have a chat. A proper introduction with photos will be produced in the near future.

At this time of year you start to wander what to buy the special people in your life, I have the answer a new selection of security products are available from Community Affairs office at Salisbury Police Station. We unfortunately don’t hold stock at Alderbury Station.

The following table summarises the products—for some pictures as well, click here (3-megabyte download).

Mouse Alarm - £4.00
Novelty alarm popular with children.Comes with batteries
Personal Wrist Alarm - £6.00
Useful for dog walkers and joggers. Comes with batteries.
Personal Alarm - £6.00
Our loudest alarm. Good for handbags. Comes with batteries.
Key cord - £1.00
Use the sticky pad to place keys where and doors. they can be found in an emergency
Key Turner - £7.00
Very useful to those who find it difficult to hold or turn keys
Mini House Alarm £16.00
With remote control. Good for sheds and garages. Comes with batteries
Property Marking Kit - £8.00.
UV marker pen and UV torch to check markings on your belongings.
Safe Can - £3.00
For hiding small items. Not recommended for your life savings!
Safe Book - £6.00
For hiding small items. Not recommended for your life savings!

And above all have a happy and safe Christmas and New Year!

Lottery fraud

PC Henry Clissold sends the following warning. Lotto frauds are becoming prevalent in the UK with promises of huge winnings arriving in the form of unsolicited e-mail or letters to UK residents. A number of these letters and emails have recently been received by local residents. Invariably the communication will purport to come from an overseas lottery and claim that the recipient has been allocated winning numbers.

The recipient will contact the organisers, whether directly through telephone, by post or e-mail and will be invited to send money in to assist in the administration for the release of the winnings. These winnings do not exist! This is merely a scam and attempt to elicit money from unsuspecting victims. As the winnings on offer are substantial, so too can are the advance fees required to release the funds.

If you receive these communications do not answer it. You can report these communications to the Enquiries Unit at the Office of Fair Trading. Enforcement teams within the OFT work with overseas authorities to collect evidence and can use this evidence to prosecute the fraudsters. The OFT number is 08457 224499.

Reduction in Reported Crime

PC Henry Clissold was proud to be able to report that since the implementation of neighbourhood policing in the Alderbury area there has been a 21% reduction in the amount of reported crime in our area. There has been a significant reduction in the amount of reported dwelling burglaries, non-dwelling burglaries and criminal damage as well as a reduction in fraud and 'other crime'.

Team Police Community Support Officer Moving On

PC Henry Clissold reports that "Our PCSO Jon Trounson will be leaving Alderbury on the 16th September to join Wiltshire Police as a police constable. He will be based at headquarters during his probationary period prior to deployment within the division. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Jon for the all the work his has done on our area and I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him every success in his new role. As yet I have not been informed when a replacement for Jon will be in post."

Have You Lost a Bike Recently?

Alderbury police are asking villagers if they have had a lost bike to contact the office, our garage is now bursting at the seams with a collection of bicycles. Some new, some old and some very very old... We would be delighted to reunite owners with their missing steeds, all we require is a description which could include:

  • Make
  • Model - Childs / ladies etc
  • Colour - main colour or colours
  • Any damage
  • Any stickers
  • Saddle - colour / type
  • Mud flaps - colour
  • Reflectors
  • Stand

The more information provided the greater the chance of it being located and returned. The easiest way of finding your bicycle is to lock it securely and have it post coded, we still do carry out a post coding service at the station.

Staddle Stones

PC Henry Clissold from the Alderbury neighbourhood policing team is warning home owners with staddle stones outside or in their gardens to ensure they are secured. This warning follows a spate of thefts in the area, thieves struck over recent weeks in the villages of Winterslow, Pitton and Whiteparish, as well as properties in Hampshire. The mushroom shaped stones originally used to support granaries above ground to prevent vermin getting in are worth hundreds of pounds each. Although the stones are heavy they can easily be lifted into a van or pick up in a matter of seconds.

>The dilemma faced by owners of saddle stones is one of theft prevention, if you drill them or concrete them to the ground you are reducing their value, if you do not then they are vulnerable to theft. Any marking on the stones to make them identifiable will assist the police greatly in returning them to the rightful owners, this can be aided by photographing them as well. Finally, moving the stone to an enclosed garden or location will reduce the threat of theft.

I appeal to villagers that any suspicious vehicles or activity is reported to the police immediately in an attempt to locate the offenders.

Has your drink been spiked?

There has been an alarming increase in recent times in the number of reports of sexual assaults, including rape, where the use of so called date rape drugs, have proved instrumental.  You may not think that, residing in a rural community, this affects you but many people from the area, younger women especially, frequent the bars and clubs in Salisbury, Southampton, Romsey and the surrounding areas where the reports are on the increase.

Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, Scoop, Easy Lay, Rope, Ruffies, R2, Ruffles, Roche, Forget Pill, Kid Rock, Special K – these are just a few of the street names for these so called date rape drugs.

Take these simple steps to ensure that you know what you are drinking:

  • Never accept a drink from someone you don’t know or trust
  • Never leave a drink unattended
  • If you see or hear talk of drugs tell a member of staff
  • Travel home together, don’t leave a drunk friend to go home alone
  • If your friend seems more drunk than they should be, tell a member of staff

More information regarding this subject can be found at www.wiltshire.police.uk

Happy New Year!

Security of Your Xmas Gifts

While the majority of us law abiding folk do our Christmas shopping by visiting retail outlets, selecting the goods we’d like and then actually paying for it out of our own money, the travelling criminal(s) has a far more novel and cheaper way of carrying out this task.  He will target isolated homes about a week or two prior to Christmas eve and have a peek through the windows to see which of us have been clumsy enough to leave all of our wrapped presents on the living room floor around the tree.  He’ll knock on your door and, if there’s no reply, he’ll force his way in and make off with your gifts.

Please, please don’t let these low lives get their hands on your hard earned Christmas presents.  If you have somewhere else to store them then please do so once they have been wrapped and don’t put them out until the morning of the 25th.

Drink Driving

Need I say any more than……………………………… DON’T !

Please enjoy a very happy and most of all, safe Christmas this year.

Don't be a prize fool

If you receive a letter, e-mail, phone call or mobile phone text advising you that you are a competition winner and to ring 09*** ******, you are being CONNED. This will be a premium rate number and your call will last several minutes, clicking up a very large phone bill.

Emergency number on mobiles

Are you aware of the 112 emergency phone number from mobile phones???
If you call 999 from a mobile it will connect you to the nearest available call centre which may be located anywhere in the UK; it then takes a certain amount of time to send this to the emergency services in your area.

112 is the emergency number from ANY mobile phone for any emergency—FIRE, AMBULANCE, or POLICE—and you will then be connected to your local dispatch centre.
Please pass this information on to anyone you know who owns a mobile—it could be a life-saver.

Summer is upon us . . .

As the time of year approaches when you are thinking of tidying up the garden and getting the lawnmower out—so is the burglar! Thefts from garden sheds dramatically increase at this time of year. Power tools are easy to sell on at numerous outlets.

HOW SECURE IS YOUR GARDEN SHED? Remember to note down the MAKE, MODEL and SERIAL NUMBERS of your POWER TOOLS and mark them with any identifying feature that you will recognise. We can supply you with a simple form to record these details so that if the worst happens you have the information to hand to assist us in apprehending the offender.

Please also remember that shed alarms are available at a very reasonable price.

Library Services

During "Normal" times, a Mobile Library run by the County Library Service calls at the village on Thursdays at four-weekly intervals, calling at Ashmore Close between 10:35 and 11.05 am, then at the school in Common Road between 11.10 am and 12.10 pm. In addition, the service makes an additional visit to Ashmore Close on Saturdays at four-weekly intervals, between 1145 am and 1215 pm. However, please note that the Mobile Libraries are not currently able to operate due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

For more information, click here to see the relevant page on the Wiltshire County Council website, and follow the links there to "Whiteparish, Ashmore Close", and "Whiteparish, School". (Please also note that if there is any discrepancy between the information here and the information on the council website, the latter is the authoritative source.)

The nearest library branches are at Salisbury and Downton.

Household Waste Collection

The weekly black-bin collection calls every other Friday, alternating with blue-bin and recycling collections, unless special Bank Holiday arrangements apply. For information about waste collection and recycling (including Bank Holiday collections), see the Wiltshire Council website.


Click here to find nearby Wiltshire recycling collection points. For people living on the East side of Whiteparish, the nearest full-scale recycling depot is probably the one administered by Hampshire County Council at Bunny Lane, Timsbury.

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