Whiteparish is within easy reach of good-sized shopping centres and other facilities in our neighbouring towns of Salisbury (8 miles), Southampton (14 miles), Winchester (19 miles) and our nearest neigbour Romsey (8 miles). All of these towns have railway stations, and are accessible from Whiteparish by bus as well as by car. There is also a railway station at West Dean, only about 2 miles away. Click here for a Multimap map. Click here for some aerial photos of the village

The modern village of Whiteparish grew up on what is now the A27, with strip development along the lanes that radiate out from the village centre. The village is about 80 m above sea level. To the north of the A27, the land slopes upwards towards a long north-facing ridge called Dean Hill, which is the most prominent feature of the local landscape, rising to about 150 m.

Away from the village centre, most of the surrounding countryside is still either farmed or woodland; with very little industrial development to be seen.

As with many other country villages, in days gone by local people mostly worked either on the land or in service at one of the several large country houses in the locality. (Click here for more about Whiteparish's history.) Nowadays, most village residents work in the nearby towns or further afield (commuting to London or to Bristol, for example). However, there are also several local employers within the village. Click here for a list of local businesses.


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