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We're always pleased to receive photos of a village event for including in the galleries section, especially if it's one of the many events we can't get to ourselves (and as long as the images are reasonably sharp). To send photos, please include them as attachments in an email addressed to

Added/taken 2022

30th August: Whiteparish Garden & Hobbies Show (photos: John Herrett)
Thanks to John for providing these selected pictures taken at the Garden & Hobbies Show. It's really good to have more evidence of village events getting back to a normal pattern, after the COVID-19 disruptions of the previous two years.

3rd June: Platinum Jubilee Village Fete (photos: Gemma Ward)
Many thanks to Gemma, too, for these pictures, which include several of some very small kings and queens arriving at the Memorial Ground in the State Coach (or State Trailer) in this case . . . PS: Depending on how you navigate to this gallery, it may refuse to return you to whatever page you were on previously. Sorry about that; will try to fix it.

Added/taken 2021

BYGONE WHITEPARISH (photographers: various)
Unlike most of the other photo galleries in this part of the website, the photos here were taken over a much longer period (from Victorian times up to the year 2000). Many of them appeared in "Whiteparish: 100 Years of an English Village" (currently out of print) which was published in the year 2000 by the Whiteparish Historical and Environmental Association to commemorate the millenium; we are grateful to the Association for agreeing to the use of images from the book in this website. By the way, a much bigger and more varied set of photos can be seen in the Parish Lantern pub.
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(2) We’d be grateful for any corrections, particularly to the captions.

5th June: Garden Club visit to Ordnance House, West Dean 2021 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Added/taken 2020


Added/taken 2019

9th November: Annual Fireworks Display, for the benefit of All Saints School, and kindly sponsored by Pains Fireworks (photos: David Hawker)

Garden Club's "Garden and Hobbies Show", 17th August 2019 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Aerial View of Whiteparish Central Area, 7th July 2019 (photo: Michael Thorne)

Annual Whiteparish Fete, 15th June 2019 (photos: David Hawker/Keith Hobbs)

Added/taken 2018

Garden Club's "Garden and Hobbies Show", 11th August 2018 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Annual Whiteparish Fete, 23rd June 2018 (photos: Jackie Hawker/Chris Nicholls)

Garden Club's visit to Loseley Park, 17th May 2018 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Breakaway Club's "Pre-Royal-Wedding Party", 16th May 2018 (photos: Gill Bray)

Added/taken 2017

Garden Club's "Gardens and Hobbies Show", 19th August 2017 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Garden Club visit to "Aviemore", Bartley, 22nd June 2017 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Annual Whiteparish Fete, 17th June 2017 (photos: David Hawker)

Garden Club trip to the Bishop's Palace Gardens in Wells, Somerset, on 25th May 2017 (photos: Keith Hobbs)

Primroses and bluebells photographed from footpaths 10 and 35 over the Easter weekend, 2017 (photos: Richard Burr)

"Serve-On" exercise on Memorial Ground, 25th February 2017 (photos: Jackie Hawker)

Whiteparish Community First Responders visit the Wiltshire Air Ambulance and HART organisations on 25th January 2017 (photos: Ben Murley/Martin Fisher/Stuart McWilliam)

Added/taken 2016

Garden Club's "Gardens and Hobbies Show", 20th August 2016 (photos all kindly provided by Keith Hobbs)

Garden Club Barbecue, 28th July 2016 (photos all kindly provided by Ilona Hocking)

Annual Whiteparish Fete, 18th June 2016 (photos: David & Jackie Hawker)

Breakaway Club Tea Party to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday on 15th June 2016 (photos all kindly provided by Keith Hobbs)

June 2016 Scarecrow Competition Entries (photos: David Hawker)

26th May 2016 Garden Club visit to Arundel (photos all kindly provided by Keith Hobbs)

Added/taken 2015

"100+ Club" Christmas party, 12th December 2015

The Flower & Hobbies Show, 22nd August 2015 (photos all kindly provided by Keith Hobbs)

The Annual Summer Fete, 13th June 2015 (preceded by a few photos taken during the "Wacky Olympics", the previous evening)

The Scarecrow Competition, June 2015 (Please allow a few seconds to load.)

Added 2014

The Annual Summer Fete, 21st June 2014

The Official Opening of the Memorial Centre by HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, on 3rd June 2014

The Interior of the Memorial Centre (& Memorial Trust AGM), on 25th January 2014 (plus a few taken in the hall on 2nd February, showing acoustic panels and court lines added)

Added 2013

The End of the Village Hall (aka Melchet Hall), October 2013

Flower and Hobbies Show, 24th August 2013

Building of the New Memorial Centre

"Treasure Island" Panto, 31st January, 1st and 2nd February 2013

Added 2012

Fireworks Diaplay, 10th November 2012

Flower & Hobbies Show, 25th August 2012

Carnival Procession and Fete, 16th June 2012

Diamond Jubilee: Lighting a beacon on Dean Hill, 4th June 2012

Diamond Jubilee: "Celebration, Praise, & Picnic" at All Saints School, 3rd June 2012

Diamond Jubilee: Whiteparish's own "Last Night of the Proms", 19th May 2012

Easter Eggs, Hand-painted by Landford Brownies, 20th March 2012

"Red Riding Hood" Panto, 10th/11th February 2012

Added 2011

Garden Club's Pumpkin and Halloween Fancy Dress Competition, 27th October 2011

Flower & Hobbies Show, 27th August 2011

Whiteparish Week Horse Show, 19th June 2011

Village Fete and Carnival, 11th June 2011

Celebrating Prince William's Wedding to Kate Middleton, 29 April 2011

Altar Frontals, etc, Exhibited in All Saints Church as Tribute to the late Mrs Edna Fenwick, March 2011

Owls visit the Garden Club, 24 February 2011

Halloween Pumpkin & Fancy Dress Competition, 28 October 2010

"Canterbury Tales" Panto, 10th/11th/12th February 2011

Added 2010

All Saints School PTA Quiz, 11th December 2010

Flower & Hobbies Show, 28th August 2010

Village Fete & Carnival, 19th June 2010

All Saints Church Flower Arrangements at Fete Time, 19th June 2010

"Aladdin" Panto, 4th/5th/6th February 2010

Added 2009

Harvest Festival Flower Arrangements, 20th September 2009

Flower & Hobbies Show, 29th August 2009

Annual Village Fete and Carnival, 13th June 2009

"The Vampire Strikes Back" Panto, 5th/6th/7th February 2009

Added 2008

Retirement Dance for Mrs Carol Kite (Head of All Saints School), 17th December 2008

Fireworks Display, 15th November 2008

Flower & Hobbies Show, 23rd August 2008

Garden Club Annual Barbecue, 24th July 2008

Annual Village Fete and Carnival, 14th June 2008

Opening of the Multi-Use Games Area, 11th June 2008

Aerial Views of the Village from a Balloon, 2nd February 2008

"Then and Now", 2nd February 2008

Added 2007

Fireworks Display, 10th November 2007

Flower & Hobbies Show, 25th August 2007

Annual Village Fete, 15th June 2007

'Alice in Wonderland' panto, February 2007

Added 2006

Fireworks Display, 11th November 2006

Pumpkin Show and Halloween Fancy Dress Competition, 26th October 2006

Flower & Hobbies Show, 26th August 2006

Garden Club Barbecue, 27th July 2006

Annual Village Fete, 17th June 2006

Pre-Fete Hog-Roast, 16th June 2006

'Panto at the OK Corral', February 2006

Aerial Views taken in 2004 of Whiteparish village and surrounding countryside

Added 2005

Aerial Views taken in 2002 of Whiteparish village

Fireworks Display, November 12th 2005

Flower & Hobbies Show, August 27th 2005

Annual Fete, June 24th 2005

Open Gardens Day, June 4th 2005

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