Whiteparish Parish Council
Contacts: Maria Pennington (Parish Clerk), tel 01722-711858, email clerk@whiteparish-pc.gov.uk; Trevor King (Parish Council Chairman), tel 01794-884129
Parish Council Meetings

Parish Council Meetings are held in Whiteparish’s Memorial Centre, generally at intervals of around six weeks, at 7.30 pm—on any day of the week, as scheduled. Villagers are welcome to attend for any reason.

Where to Find Further Information

During 2001/2, and then from 2005 until early 2019, this website provided the Parish Council with a web presence, where meeting notes and other council documents could be found. However in 2017/8 the council decided to create and maintain a new website dedicated to Parish Council business, with its own "gov.uk" domain. So for nearly all online information about Parish Council matters, the new Whiteparish Parish Council website (http://www.whiteparish-pc.gov.uk) is now the place to go.

The only exception is that at the Parish Council’s request, minutes and notes for council meetings held during the years between 2005 and 2017 are retained in this website, and can be inspected as described below.

Past Meeting Reports and Other Documents

For the years 2018 and onwards, meeting notes and similar documents can be viewed by clicking on this link to the Parish Council website. If you wish to view previous notes and minutes, you may find links to them in the following lists—if not, please contact the Chairman or the Parish Clerk.

The following meeting reports etc can be viewed/downloaded from this page. Please note that as from the 8th December 2016 meeting, both abbreviated notes/reports AND fuller, approved, meeting minutes can be downloaded. If you wish to view previous minutes, please contact the Chairman or the Parish Clerk.

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