VICAR: Revd Jane Dunlop, 01794 884793
CHURCHWARDEN: Jane Legat 884600
TREASURER: Simon White 885703
SECRETARY: Ros Claydon 884500


TEAM RECTOR: Rev Dr Simon Chambers 01980 862231
TEAM VICAR: Revd Jane Dunlop, 01794 884793
TEAM PRIEST: Revd Cynthia Buttimer 01980 862017
TEAM CURATE: Revd David Perry, 07749

ALL SAINTS CHURCH is part of the Clarendon Team which is comprised of the parish churches in:- Alderbury; Farley; Winterslow; Whaddon; West Dean; West Grimstead; East Grimstead; and Pitton.

Lay Licensed Ministers: Debbie McIsaac, Michael Barratt

In addition to local services, there are some combined services within the team (usually on the fifth Sunday of the month).


We are looking to recruit a Team Administrator for the Clarendon Churches to oversee administrative tasks within the churches to support the ministry team. These tasks include co-ordinate bookings of weddings, baptisms and funerals. To liaise with funeral directors, create invoices and process payments associated with such pastoral services. Communication is done through telephone and increasingly through email, with a small degree of post.

An important aspect of this role is good communication with the ministry team, an eye for detail, and the ability to work with volunteers throughout our churches. We have a large equipped office located in Winterslow for the team administrator, and you will mostly be working independently, but under the guidance of the Team Rector. While the Main Duties of the job are based in the office, a degree of flexibility is possible, even some remote working possible. There is also the opportunity to examine all aspects of the role and develop new ways of performing tasks.

This appointment has become available following our current administrator stepping down from the role for personal reasons, however they are able to provide an induction into the role and an overview of all tasks.

Closing Date for applications: 21st August 2021
Short-listing: 24th August
Interviews will be early in September.
Post available immediately, subject to references and enhanced DBS Check.

Completed application forms should be emailed to For more information, including supporting documents,
click here


Services at Whiteparish and other Clarendon Team Churches since March 2021

Covid-19 Regulations currently allow Churches to open for public worship. However because of serious concern about new variants of Covid in the winter of 2020/2021, initially just two of the larger Clarendon Team churches (those in Whiteparish and Winterslow) opted to have services. Some of our churches are also open for quiet reflection and for Private Prayer and the Clarendon Team Website has details of opening times and places, including online services. Church Notice Boards will also have up-to-date details. As can be seen on that website, a fairly comprehensive schedule of services has happily now been restored in Whiteparish and other Team churches (with some restrictions).

An update on the same website, dated 27th April 2021, summarised the current situation as follows: "All our churches are open as normal and Sunday worship pattern has resumed. We still need to follow Covid-Safe guidelines so please bring a mask to wear and follow all directions."
Date Time Description Service Officiant
02-Aug-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Jane Dunlop
02-Aug-22 09:30 Midweek Julian Prayer Group Lisa Rodrigues
07-Aug-22 08:00 Trinity 8 BCP Eucharist Alec Knight
09-Aug-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
09-Aug-22 09:30 Midweek Julian Prayer Group Lisa Rodrigues
14-Aug-22 09:30 Trinity 9 Parish Eucharist Lisa Rodrigues
18-Aug-22 15:15 Midweek BCP Communion Jane Dunlop
21-Aug-22 11:00 Trinity 10 All Age Eucharist Jane Dunlop
23-Aug-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Jane Dunlop
28-Aug-22 09:30 Trinity 11 Parish Eucharist Alec Knight
30-Aug-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
04-Sep-22 08:00 Trinity 12 BCP Eucharist Alec Knight
04-Sep-22 09:30 Trinity 12 Morning Worship Zoe Clewer
06=Sep-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
11-Sep-22 09:30 Trinity 13 Special Eucharist to remember Queen Elizabeth II Jane Dunlop
11-Sep-22 18:00 Trinity 13 Quiet reflective service to remember Queen Elizabeth II Michael Barratt
13-Sep-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
15-Sep-22 15:15 Midweek BCP Communion Jane Dunlop
18-Sep-22 08:00 Trinity 14 BCP Eucharist Alec Knight
18-Sep-22 11:00 Trinity 14 Pets’ Service at Brympton Riding Stables Jane Dunlop
25-Sep-22 09:30 Trinity 15 Parish Eucharist Simon Chambers
27-Sep-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
27-Sep-22 09:30 Midweek Julian Prayer Group  
02-Oct-22 08:00 Trinity 16 BCP Eucharist Alec Knight
02-Oct-22 09:30 Trinity 16 Harvest Festival Jane Dunlop
04-Oct-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
09-Oct-22 09:30 Trinity 17 All Age Eucharist with Breakfast Jane Dunlop
09-Oct-22 18:00 Trinity 17 Sung Evensong Jane Dunlop
11-Oct-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
13-Oct-22 15:15 Midweek BCP Communion Jane Dunlop
16-Oct-22 08:00 Trinity 18 BCP Eucharist Alec Knight
16-Oct-22 11:00 Trinity 18 Family Service Jane Dunlop
18-Oct-22 09:00 Midweek Morning Prayer Lisa Rodrigues
30-Oct-22 19:30 All Saints Parish Eucharist Jane Dunlop
All are welcome at all services. Booking is not necessary.
Please Note:The current service pattern may change due to Covid restrictions or similar and the practicalities of holding services. For latest information please check the Clarendon Team’s website.
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As indicated by the heading, please note that the services, timings, and activities shown in this section are the pattern that applied BEFORE COVID, and are included here for interest only at this stage. Similarly, some of the information in following sections may not apply until COVID restrictions are lifted.


There is a service in church at 9.15am most Sundays. Members of the congregation take part in the readings and Intercessions. There is an area for young children to colour and have quiet play during services.

Coffee or tea, biscuits and squash are offered after almost all Services.

1st Sunday
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
the congregation is usually small, service is held in North side aisle.
9.15am Morning Worship
this is a non Eucharistic service with hymns.

2nd Sunday
9.15am Breakfast Church
accompanied by the choir. Short half hour service, children encouraged to help with readings and leading prayers. Followed by Eucharist for those who wish to stay. Breakfast served from 8.45am (croissants, juice, tea and coffee)
6.00pm Evening Prayer or Compline
(Book of Common Prayer)

3rd Sunday
8.00am Holy Communion (BCP)
as for 1st Sunday.
11.00am Family Service (without Communion), often based on a theme. The Music Group accompanies the hymns. No Choir. Baptisms sometimes take place during or after this service.

4th Sunday
9.15am Parish Eucharist accompanied by the choir. Members of the congregation take part in the readings and intercessions.

5th Sunday
10.00am. Usually a Team Service (Eucharist) in one of the Churches in the Team.

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The running of the Church and the enjoyment of the Services depend upon the help of its members. If you would like to become involved you would be most welcome.

For example, the following tasks are all done by volunteer members on rotas:
reading the lesson; leading intercessions; sides person duties; coffee/squash/ biscuits; church cleaning; and church flowers.

Other activities associated with the church are: choir; music group; PCC; Children's Work; Youth Group; Village Fete group; and welcome group.

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Children from 7 years old are encouraged to join the choir and do their ribbon work for the RSCM. Anyone who enjoys singing is welcome to come along.

Choir Practice is in the Church on Friday evening, from 6.30pm - 7.30pm

There is a regular Choir most Sundays, but numbers are boosted at Festivals, when a large four-part choir is assembled. There are occasional team services when the choirs combine, also occasional concerts. If you are interested please contact:
Adult Choir: Richard Tulloch (Choir Master) 01725 511 486
Junior Choir:
Mary Odurny 884 592


We have a lively music group, which plays every month at the Family Service. Anyone who plays an instrument is welcome; there are a variety of instruments from drums to flute. To find out more please contact: Michael Foster 884 498

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We take our children’s safety seriously. All our workers with children and young people are DBS checked. A copy of our child protection policy is pinned up at the back of the Church.


Children are very welcome to all services at All Saints' and we hope they will join in and participate in worship with us, although some services are more appropriate for younger children.

You are welcome to bring quiet toys for younger children to play with during worship. There are toy bags provided in a basket near at the back of the church. You will find additional books underneath the hymn book stand. Please don't worry if your children make a little noise.

Once they are older children are encouraged to help with reading and leading prayers, singing in the choir and playing in the music group.

Once a month (usually the third Sunday) we have All Age Worship This is a 'child friendly' service to which children are encouraged to come, but it is specifically designed to enable the whole Church to worship together. There is a children's corner with activities.


Children aged 7 upward, who worship with us regularly, may be prepared to receive Holy Communion if parents and children both wish it. Young people are encouraged to prepare for Confirmation. You should contact the Team Rector about either of these.


On Monday mornings from 10-11.30 am the Lay Pastoral Assistants welcome parents with babies and toddlers under school age to come to the Church for coffee, fun and fellowship.

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COFFEE MORNING in the Cowesfield Room, the Memorial Centre, third (3rd) Friday each month, 10 to 12 o'clock.


Home Group meets on the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7.30pm. This group meets to study and discuss topics related to our faith.

All are welcome.

For further information please contact- Paul Gooderham. 01794 884 528


The Church Lunch Club meets on the first Thursday of each month in the Memorial Hall for a simple lunch between 12.30 and 2.00 pm. Transport can be arranged.

For further information please contact- Patricia Boyle. 01722 710570


Run within All Saints Church every third Monday afternoon during term time. Bible stories, songs, and activities.

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Whiteparish is fortunate to have a thriving little primary school, which caters for around 140 children. This draws young families to move into the village to benefit all.

The School has a very active PTA which organises many social functions throughout the year, which are open to everyone in the village. These include plays, quiz evenings, dances, and a huge firework display.

The Church and School combine forces one weekend in the summer to organise a Bands Night with Hog Roast on the Friday, Fete on the Saturday, and Songs of Praise on the Sunday; all on the Memorial Ground. This is a major fundraiser for both, and brings the whole village together.

The school welcomes help and involvement from people in the village and there are opportunities to become Foundation Governors.

School Secretary: Kay Witcher 884 420


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For all major services, such as marriages, baptisms and funerals your first point of contact should be either the Revd Jane Dunlop or the Churchwarden, Jane Legat (884600), who will be pleased to help you contact the right person.

However there may be other times when you feel the need of some help you may like to contact one of the Lay Pastoral Assistants who are attached to All Saints' Church, or one of the Clergy.

A Lay Pastoral Assistant is a person who engages in pastoral ministry on behalf of the local church. They are trained volunteers who are licensed by the Diocese to carry out many pastoral needs like visiting the housebound or sick, supporting the bereaved or visiting families with special needs. Home Communion can also be distributed.

The lay Pastoral Assistants in Whiteparish are trusted members of All Saints' Church who believe in the power of prayer, are able to listen and care for others and, most importantly, are able to keep confidences.

Should you need their help, please contact one of them:

Patricia Boyle (01722 710570), Zoe Clewer (884550), Paul Gooderham (884528), Belinda Knapman (884468), Jane Lax (884434), Jane Legat (884600), Shirley Near (884386), Lynn Walworth (01725 513738)

For information about the Church of England’s safeguarding policies, click here

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