People Occupying or Having the Use of Land in Whiteparish in 1842

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Aldridge Thomas
Alford Richard
Allen James
Amor Thomas
Andrews Robert
Andrews William
Arnott Ann
Arnott William
Barnes Sarah
Barnes William
Barter James
Barters James
Batten Mary
Batten Robert J. James
Beauchamp George
Beauchamp Henry
Beauchamp Samuel
Beauchamp William
Bell Benjamin
Bell John
Bell Samuel
Bell Thomas J
Bennett John
Betteridge Frederic
Biffon John
Bishop Sarah
Blanchett James
Bowden Ann
Bridle James
Bristow Robert Esq.
Broomfield Thomas
Brown Jane
Chalk James
Chalk John
Chalk Levy
Chalk Samuel
Chalk William
Chandler Charles
Chandler George
Cobden James
Coffin Guy Carleton Esq.
Collins William
Cook Thomas
Cooper Robert Esq.
Crook Elizabeth
Crook John
Crook Thomas
Curtis Samuel
Curtis William
Drake William
Edney William
Eldridge Joseph
Elkins James
Elkins John
Ellis Joseph
Emery James
Every Joseph
Fort George Yalden Esq.
Fox John
Fremantle Lady
Fulford George
Gange James
Ganges William
Gardner Charles
Gardner Elizabeth
Gardner Frances
Gay Alfred
Gilbert Robert
Giles Richard
Giles William
Gray Gabriel
Grayer Alexander
Grayer Margaret
Gregory Richard
Harnett William
Harrington Mary
Harris Isaac
Hatcher Joseph
Hatcher William
Hayes James
Hayter David
Hayter John
Henwood Christopher
Henwood Thomas
Hinwood Christopher
Holloway Elizabeth
Holloway John
Holloway Moses
Hurst David
Hurst William
Jacobs Reverend I
Jukes George
Jukes Mary
King Charles
Langridge Ann
Lawrence George Esq.
Leverton James
Light George
Light Joseph
Long Ann
Long Joseph
Luffinan William
Luffman Isaac
Luffman William
Lush John
Martin James
Martin Richard
Matcham George
Methodist Chapel Trustees Of
Moody Adam
Moody Isaac
Moody James
Munday William
Nelson Countess
Noble Henry
Noble Jacob
Noble James
Noble Thomas
Noyce James
Nunn Arthur
Nunn George
Nunn George Esq.
Osgood Arnold
Page Thomas
Parsons Stephen
Percy Amelia
Percy Maria
Phillips William
Pizer Joseph
Prince John
Prince William
Roles Thomas
Rose Charles
Rumbold Timothy
Russell James
Russell Mary
Russell William
Shafto Robert
Smith John
Smith John (The Elder)
Smith Thomas
Snelgar George
Snelgar John
Stone Elizabeth
Stone Henry
Stone Thomas
Street John
Stride Benjamin
Stride James
Sundry Occupiers
The Commissioners Of Turnpike Road
Tomlinson The Reverend William Robert
Trollope Bernard Esq.
Webb Frederic Esq.
Webb Richard Esq.
Welstead Moses
West Samuel
Whitcher Joseph
Whitmarsh Richard
Williams Thomas
Willis John
Wiltshire Job
Wynne Edward

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