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In 2012, the Whiteparish Village Hall Trust and Memorial Ground Trust merged into a single new Whiteparish Memorial Trust, which is the subject of this page. The new Trust's responsibilities include both the Memorial Ground and the new Memorial Centre which was opened by HRH the Duke of Gloucester on 3rd June 2014.


The Whiteparish Memorial Trust is a registered charity (registration number 282528). The objective of the charity is, for the benefit of the public and in the interests of social welfare, to improve the conditions of life of the inhabitants of the area of benefit (The Parish of Whiteparish, Wiltshire) without distinction on the grounds of political, religious or other opinions by the provision and maintenance of:

  1. A village hall for use by the inhabitants, including use for:
    1. Meetings, lectures, and classes, and
    2. Other forms of recreation and leisure time occupation and
  2. A recreation ground for use by the inhabitants.

The Trust is managed by a Trustee Management Committee.


The rules governing the Trust require there to be up to seven Trustees. Three Trustees are nominated by the Parish Council, three are elected, and there is provision for one co-opted Trustee.

Trustees are required to serve the interests of the Trust and do not represent particular user groups or other special interests. Current Trustees are.

Mike Hayday (Chairman) PC nominated
Richard Burr co-opted
Julie Bell PC nominated
Maggie Davis elected
John Herrett PC nominated
Berny Higgins elected
Darryl Parsons elected



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