Pepperbox Players' “Alice in Wonderland”,
February 2007

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(Some photos are of the dress rehearsal)

The Plot, etc

It’s bad enough to discover your mother is a cross dresser, let alone that she has been paying the rent with your monopoly money and you’ve just been evicted!Standing there by the roadside, all seems pretty dire for poor Alice and her mother. However, it all changes when a talking rabbit (yes, a talking rabbit) runs into them and asks Alice to come to Wonderland and save them all from the wicked Queen of Hearts and her nasty, precocious daughter Incontinenta.

The Queen of Hearts (pretty scary), her daughter (a right bratz) and their two henchmen, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee (right twits), somehow don’t want to welcome the lovely Alice into Wonderland. The Queen has used her magic to make the King disappear and will only bring him back if his son, the gorgeous Prince, marries her ‘darling’ little daughter and gives up the throne.

Alice soon bumps into the lovely Prince, you can guess what happens - yes, it is love at first, second and third sight. Alice soon finds that all is not well for the poor Prince; he is betrothed to the spoilt little Incontinenta and has to marry her or lose his poor Papa. Things begin to look very bad for the goodies, no helpful Fairy God Mother in this Pantomime to save the day, only a strange cat talking in riddles (situation normal – ooops sorry Mrs L) and a rabbit talking complete twaddle (like father, like daughter – ooo)

How can Alice ever rescue the King? Is the Prince doomed to marry the bratz Incontinenta. Will the wicked Queen get her come-uppance? Will the prisoners escape a grisly death?

Laugh and cheer, boo and hiss and sing along
This year's Pantomime had all the elements needed for a great night out. A cast list with the best acting talent in the County, plenty of lines for Jimmy Goodland to forget, a perfect part for John Dunlop (‘where yeow bin ar kid’) to test out his Brummie accent and the Queen had to be type casting at its best. The Prince and Alice stole your hearts, the rabbit ran around like a mixi at its best and Incontinenta, well, no comment. Alice’s mother, our Grand Dame, was beauty personified and those chorus girls were magnificent.

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