Pepperbox Players' “Panto at the OK Corral”,
February 2006

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Programme Notes:

Hold on to your hats, folks, this year the Pepperbox Players bring you ‘Panto from the OK Corral’, a story based in the Wild West during the Gold rush. Our story follows the struggles of the beautiful Dame Winnipeg, her son James the Jessie and daughter Calamity Jane. The poor Dame lost her husband to some floozy attracted to the town at the start of the Gold Rush and has been left to bring up her kids and her old horse Lightening on a small ranch.

The trouble all starts when Sheriff Smallholding and his two sidekicks, Butch Casserole and the Sun-Tanned Kid, arrive in town to ‘clean’ things up. However, Smallholding is a right old crook who doesn’t want to clean up, he wants the Dame’s land and the hand of her lovely daughter, he will stop at nothing to get his way! He is determined to be very, very bad and drive them off their land, shame his sidekicks are so stunningly inept! Also following the Gold is the famous ‘Diamond Lil’, who has just bought the local saloon. A good time girl, Lil makes Tara Palmer Tomkinson look like Daffy the Duck. With her show girls, Buttons and Bows, Lil knows how to party and then party some more…

Sheriff Smallholding plots to burn down Dame Winnipeg’s barn, this involves all sorts of antics and enables the boys to get cross-dressing in true pantomime tradition! Needless to say, Smallholding and his two baddies completely mess things up and get their just desserts! Just when things begin to look really bad for the Dame, our handsome hero, Clint Westwood, arrives to fight off the baddies and win the heart of the Dame’s lovely daughter. All the while you will be entertained by our cast and chorus with slapstick comedy and some really fantastic song and dance routines.

Things to remember to do: (1) Boo loudly when you see Sheriff Smallholding. (2) Welcome Jessie the James when he comes on stage. (3) Sing along with the cast, words to your songs are in the programme.

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